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EarthShare: Putting Passion to Work through Workplace Giving

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Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to be an EarthShare Oregon Business Member. EarthShare is a national network that connects environmental organizations across the United States using businesses as fundraising platforms. In 2011, we launched our very first EarthShare Oregon campaign by organizing an employee giving program that connects our staff with like-minded environmental organizations working to protect and defend the places we hold dear. Through this program, we have successfully connected our employees with over 100 environmental organizations that they are passionate about supporting. That is nearly $100,000 given the past 8 years! Read on to learn more about EarthShare Oregon.

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Giving in 2020

Traditionally, we hold an in-person EarthShare kick-off event in our staff break room where we invite local nonprofit groups to present, answer questions, and connect with the staff. This year, due to Covid restrictions and necessary safety protocols we are thinking outside the box.

For the entire month of December, we will be using the following avenues to ensure every staff member has the opportunity to give:

• Virtual information sharing and updates on our internal communications platform
• EarthShare Oregon information kiosk in the main break room
• Pledge forms distributed with pay checks
• Informational posters and flyers posted throughout our campus

For our 2020 campaign we are show-casing three essential Oregon nonprofits: Oregon Wild, Beyond Toxics, and Cascades Raptor Center. Further, we will be matching dollar-for-dollar, whatever amount our employees raise by the end of this year, to double their impact and further support our planet.

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Although here in Oregon, we focus on our local and state nonprofits, the fact that EarthShare is a national network means it is available to businesses across the country.

Curious about how you can join? Let your employer know about EarthShare and how a workplace giving campaign can bring together employees in support of the most respected and impactful organizations currently working along the front lines of the environmental movement. Find out more at EarthShare.org.


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Written by Shawn on December 16, 2020

Shawn is Mountain Rose Herbs' owner and CEO. He first became involved with Mountain Rose Herbs as a passionate young idealist with a fervent desire to change the world. He was the town’s notorious rabble rouser, always petitioning for mandatory labeling on genetically modified food crops, encouraging people to support a strong conservation ethic, fighting for the protection of endangered or threatened species, and the protection and enhancement of our riparian areas. When Mountain Rose Herbs came into his life, Shawn saw it as an opportunity to change the way business is conducted on this planet. To this day, the revolutionary business principles that Shawn initiated have been used as a successful model by countless other organizations around the world. Shawn became co-owner of the company in 2001 and since then he has initiated several bold and daring changes, most notably the eradication of all conventionally grown products from our product line, introducing the first line of fair trade certified medicinal herbs in the United States, implementing the design and deployment of our web presence, launching our zero waste program, our charitable giving program, and so much more! As CEO Shawn currently oversees every aspect of Mountain Rose Herbs along with all of the directors and managers at the company to be sure they are leading the business in a direction we can all be proud of. In addition to this he is intimately connected with developing all of our sustainability initiatives to further enhance and propel bold ideas that are being shared with numerous other corporations, non-profits, state agencies, and civic groups as a working model for success. In his spare time, Shawn can be found deep within Oregon’s wilderness system, or lost in the pages of any book about ecology and the environment. He currently retains one of the nation’s largest collections of rare and antiquarian books that deal exclusively with nature writing and outdoor literature. With Thoreau, Abbey, and Muir being his favorites, of course! "All of our environmental issues can be connected to the embarrassing way that business abuses this planet. My objective is to stop this destructive pattern by offering an alternative modality and sharing that modality with others so we can all lead the change necessary to heal the planet"

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