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How to Make Herb-Infused Honey + Recipes

When I moved from my home state of New Jersey to beautiful Oregon, I was exposed to so many new things. Among my favorite discoveries were the abundant, handwritten road signs that advertised fresh local produce, eggs, and honey. Intrigued and excited by these signs, I stopped in to meet my local neighborhood beekeeper, who was thrilled that I knocked on his door to say hello. He brought me over to his hives and taught me a lot about what it means to care for bees. I wanted to support my farm neighbor, so I bought a gallon of honey. What I was going to do with that much honey, I had yet to figure out.

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Posted by Jessicka

DIY Liquid Roll-On Deodorant

I like to feel fresh and confident during the hot summer months, but I find the synthetic ingredients in many conventional antiperspirants give me a whole new set of concerns to sweat about—and I’m not the only one! With growing consumer awareness about the potentially negative effects of certain questionable chemicals, particularly when used on our sensitive underarms, natural deodorants have become highly desired personal care products. While there have been lots of "natural" options on the market over the years, many popular brands are now manufactured by larger umbrella companies that might not be as concerned with true product purity or efficacy. Thankfully, our herbal allies are here to help!

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Posted by Jana

Pioneering Jojoba Farmers in Arizona's Sonoran Desert

Meet the family whose commitment to crafting the finest organic jojoba oil in the world transcends trends and spans generations.

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Posted by Raychel

Vegan Baked Falafel Collard Wrap Recipe

It’s not news that many Oregonians love to enrich themselves with good local produce that is sustainably and organically grown. And with the abundance of explorable nature surrounding us, portability is a major plus when choosing healthy snacks to enjoy during a rewarding hike through an old-growth forest or along our scenic coastlines. When preparing your provisions before hitting the trail, Real Live Food Oregon (RLFO) has you covered!

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Posted by Andrew Ek

Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

I absolutely love to travel, and I painstakingly research and plan for my trips. However, mixed with all the eager anticipation of an upcoming adventure looms the fear of illness ruining my vacation. I think we have all had that experience where you take your seat on the plane and get settled, only to discover that someone near you has a hacking cough and looks like death warmed over. I find myself holding my breath and repeating, “I will NOT get sick,” over and over in my head. Thankfully, we can do more than just hope for the best—we can utilize wellness-supporting herbs before, during, and after traveling so we can make the most of our trip.

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Posted by Chris

Herbal Organic Skin Creams for Face & Body

My beauty regimen is extremely simple, and over the years I have stuck almost exclusively with single oils and butters for face and body care. Lotions were never really my thing. However, after trying our Mountain Rose Herbs organic skin creams, I was willing to make an exception! These skin creams are instantly softening and long-lasting, and they have just the right touch of lingering scent from essential oils.

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Posted by Kendle

How to Find a Qualified Naturopathic Herbalist or Doctor

While the popularity of herbalism is increasing, it is still not commonplace in our western society. This is why so many of us don’t know how to safely begin incorporating new herbs and herbal supplements into our routines. Here at Mountain Rose Herbs, we are often asked for advice on what herbs are the best for specific maladies, or if we can share the best uses for each herb. Unfortunately, these questions do not always have clear answers—as with most wellness-related strategies, one size rarely fits all.

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Posted by Jessicka

Homemade Baby Powder Recipe

Summer sunshine heralds the heyday of fun outdoor play for little ones, but these warm days can also bring heat and humidity that can be hard on soft baby skin. Thankfully, making your own baby powder is affordable, easy, and allows total control over the ingredients to which you expose those sensitive little bottoms—and as a mom-to-be, all three of these factors are presently of keen interest to me. Since many conventional ready-made baby powders contain synthetic chemicals and artificial perfumes that I wouldn’t care to cart around on my own skin, I’m definitely interested in finding natural baby care alternatives for keeping my little sprout fresh and clean!

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Posted by Jana

Traditional Turmeric Face Mask Recipe for a Golden Glow

One of my first experiences with turmeric masks was at a relative’s wedding many years ago. It was the night before the big event, and the bride’s house was buzzing with excitement! There was chai on the stove, endless platters of food, aunties chatting, and a line of hands waiting for traditional bridal henna tattoos. Later in the evening, the bride sat in simple clothes while her family sat around her to perform a few wedding traditions; one of them was putting turmeric paste on her arms and face.

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Posted by Ek Ongkar

The Complete Guide to DIY Beeswax Wraps (AND Beeless Vegan Food Wraps!)

Both my husband and I love to cook, and we delight in sharing our gastronomic adventures with those we love. However, I’ve always hated using plastic wrap each time we take one of our culinary creations out the door. So I set out to find a plastic wrap alternative. When I mentioned it to a like-minded friend, she suggested I get a set of silicone stretch lids. It seemed like a great idea, but I struggled to get them on my favorite handmade bowls. Then I found beeswax wraps.

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Posted by Kiley

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