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3 DIY Fall Roll-On Perfume Oil Recipes


The last days of summer are retreating, and I always find great relief during the changing seasons. The cool breezes return, as does the rain here in the Willamette Valley. The days grow shorter and leaves put their vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds on display. Autumn is fleeting and finding beauty and respite in this ephemeral time of year can help to transition smoothly into cooler weather.

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Posted by Kendle

Herbal Witbier Recipe for Homebrewers

Homebrewing is equal parts science and sorcery. On one hand, it requires having a firm grasp of the chemistry of the process insofar as water, mash, temperature, pH, and other factors have a big impact on your final beer. On the other hand, artful ingredient pairings are just as important, as your choice of malts, yeast strain, and other adjuncts like candi sugar or organic herbs all combine to add an intangible magic to a brew.

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Posted by Kiley

How to Make Herbal Dream Pillows

In the modern world, it can be challenging to get a good night’s rest. Keeping a healthy daytime lifestyle as well as a calming nighttime ritual are excellent ways to prepare the body for restful sleep filled with exciting and inspiring dreams! There are even traditions in which herbs are used during sleep, not only to bring about peaceful snoozing, but also to create vivid, lucid dreaming landscapes sure to bring happiness, rather than grogginess, to your waking state.

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Posted by Irene

DIY Ginger & Citrus Essential Oil Body Spray Recipe

As much as I love the gray, infamously wet skies of an Oregon fall and winter, I do find myself needing the occasional burst of brightness. One of my favorite ways to do this is through
aromatherapy. I long for the scents that I see as “yellow” when I smell them.  These yellow scents are so rare in the winter holiday weeks, which can be so dominated by the deep verdant scents of evergreen and the brown and red notes of cinnamon, chocolate, and pumpkin spice.

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Posted by Jessica

Homemade Matcha Latte Face Mask Recipe

Throughout spring and summer, I crave the fresh, creamy texture and flavor of a nourishing matcha latte—first hot, then iced, and then in cooling dessert form. When I discovered homemade matcha ice cream, I wasn’t sure I could take my green obsession any further. But when my friend suggested a mid-July home spa day, and we started brainstorming ideas for herbal tea facials, I found myself thinking about matcha in a whole new way.

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Posted by Jana

Old Fashioned Pumpkin Spice Cocktail Recipe with Cardamom Bitters

With the start of autumn come vibrant red maple leaves, cooler temperatures, and the ubiquitous resurgence of pumpkin pie spice. Our blend of organic and fair-trade ingredients is the perfect way to welcome back the season of sweaters, ciders, pies, and family gatherings.

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Posted by Raychel

How to Make Herb-Infused Honey + Recipes

When I moved from my home state of New Jersey to beautiful Oregon, I was exposed to so many new things. Among my favorite discoveries were the abundant, handwritten road signs that advertised fresh local produce, eggs, and honey. Intrigued and excited by these signs, I stopped in to meet my local neighborhood beekeeper, who was thrilled that I knocked on his door to say hello. He brought me over to his hives and taught me a lot about what it means to care for bees. I wanted to support my farm neighbor, so I bought a gallon of honey. What I was going to do with that much honey, I had yet to figure out.

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Posted by Jessicka

6 Ways to Use Jojoba Oil for Skin & Hair

I first encountered jojoba oil about 10 years ago, and I have loved it ever since. Used alone or blended with my favorite cosmetic butters and oils, jojoba is a body care dynamo! The qualities of this oil are very similar to the sebum produced by our skin to help it stay moisturized, making a noncomedogenic (non-pore-clogging) option with a wide range of natural self care applications.

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Posted by Kendle

Sweet & Spicy Chipotle-Honey Caramel Corn Recipe

Glazed popcorn and autumnal weather are a perfect match, and I dared to enhance the experience by adding everyone’s favorite fall flavor—pumpkin pie spice! There’s no snack better to pass around a backyard bonfire with my friends while telling our favorite stories from summer.

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Posted by Tim

10 Ways to Use Pumpkin Pie Spice

With the start of autumn come vibrantly colored leaves, cooler temperatures, and the ubiquitous pumpkin-pie-spiced-everything! But you don’t have to trek to the nearest coffee shop or ice cream parlor to enjoy this seasonal taste treat—you can savor this flavor in the comfort of your own kitchen. With Mountain Rose Herbs’ organic pumpkin pie spice blend, you can easily craft your own seasonal creations at home.

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Posted by Raychel

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