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Herbal Oxymel Recipes & Benefits

In 400 B.C.E., in his On Regimen in Acute Diseases, Hippocrates wrote, “You will find the drink, called oxymel, often very useful…for it promotes expectoration and freedom of breathing.” It’s too bad I didn’t have that definition the first time I saw the word “oxymel,” because I came across the term right about the same time that I was reading the Harry Potter series to my daughter. This might explain why an oxymel sounds to me like something one would whip up in potions class.

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Posted by Heidi

Lavender-Rosemary Herbal Vinegar for Cooking, Clean-Up & Body Care

My son and I have been studying permaculture, and one of permaculture’s primary principles is called “stacking function,” a concept whereby you’re getting many yields from one element. As a busy mom, simplicity and stacking function have become guiding principles in my own life—"fill two needs with one deed” is my motto, and this also applies to my herbal medicine endeavors. There are many ways to prepare herbs, but few herbal preparations stack function in the way that herbal vinegars do!

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Posted by Kami

Our Most Popular Herbal Goodies of 2019

If you filled your 2019 with natural self care sessions, DIY projects, and culinary experiments, you weren't alone! Plant-lovers like you from across America and beyond trusted Mountain Rose Herbs to keep their kitchens and apothecaries stocked with the highest quality herbs, teas, oils, and more—and we couldn't be more grateful! We know you're always on the lookout for new ingredients to fuel your herbal adventures, so we're sharing the year's greatest hits from our extensive selection of organic and sustainable offerings. Here are our 11 best-selling botanicals of 2019, along with helpful reviews from real Mountain Rose Herbs customers!

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Posted by Daniel Durrant

Assuring Herbal Quality & Safety with Plant Identification Experts

The question at hand is, “is this actually Arnica montana?” Steven, our Director of Quality, stands in front of two computer screens. One monitor displays brightly colored bars stacked on a black backdrop. On the other, photographs of vibrant yellow petals are zoomed in to such a degree that the golden bits on screen look more like banana peels than flowers. Steven and his team of lab-coat-wearing professionals use various methods of testing and an extensive reference library of pressed plant parts to find the answer. Species identification not only ensures efficacy, it also means keeping our customers safe.

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Posted by Tim

Herbs to Ease Heartache and Beat the Blues

Feeling a little blue is pretty common for all of us. Sadness can strike on any scale, ranging from a simple Blue Monday to lingering, debilitating heartache. We all struggle with difficult emotions that, at times, can seem to overshadow everything else. Luckily, our herbal allies may be able to help ease the hurt.

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Posted by Tim

Mountain Rose Herbs Events Calendar for 2020

Each year, Mountain Rose Herbs hosts, sponsors, and participates in amazing events all across the country. From herbal festivals and organic farming conferences to natural product tradeshows and wilderness conservation fundraisers, we love connecting with you all in person!

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Posted by Mason

Natural Laxative Herbs to Help with Regularity

In 1974, I ran into a woman who claimed my chronic sinus problems came from my colon. She showed me an illustration created by pioneering nutritionist and iridologist, Bernard Jensen, which showed a distorted colon encrusted with hardened fecal matter. She also quoted Jensen’s famous line, “death begins in the colon.” This wasn’t unusual thinking among the Utah midwives and herbalists I began to associate with in the late 1970s. They all believed that one key to keeping healthy was to stay regular. Although I no longer believe that colon cleansing is a therapy everyone needs, I do see value in keeping the colon regular. All of us suffer from time to time with the affliction one of my friends jokingly called “stucky-gutsies.” He also referred to it as the Chinese affliction “hung-chow”.

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Posted by Steven Horne

Understanding Taxonomy and Species Labeling in Natural Herbal Products

Have you ever wondered about scientific names when analyzing a label or reading about an herb in your favorite herbal book? Besides being fun to learn (and pronounce), botanical names provide a universally accepted system of recognition. Depending on numerous factors, such as the region you live in, the lineage you’ve grown up with, or school you attended, the same plant could be referred to by several different common names. This can make it really confusing if you’re trying to identify a plant in the wild, consult an herbal book, or purchase a specific herb. I’ve found that a little overview of scientific botanical terminology can go a long way in understanding the plants I work with and use every day.

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Posted by Elise

Guide to Herbal Syrups for Natural Wellness

All of our herbal syrups and elixirs are lovingly handmade by our expert team in Eugene, Oregon. These tasty concoctions featuring herbs, honey, and alcohol, are highly valued for their effectiveness and ease of use. They also make for a flavorful way to experience the benefits of herbs and are excellent herbal allies to have on hand as the weather continues to get colder. All our herbal syrups are made with certified organic and consciously wild-collected botanicals, organic alcohol, and raw honey from the Willamette Valley.

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Posted by Kendle

3 Tea Recipes to Increase Mindfulness and Stress Less

Everyone deals with stress. In fact, stress is said to be the top health problem in America. To keep ourselves healthy and happy, some are turning to the practice of mindfulness. I’m one of those people that thought mindfulness might be worth a try. Since I’m also a fan of tea, I naturally wondered if tea recipes could help with relaxation.

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Posted by Daniel Durrant

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