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Herbal Elixir Recipe for Stress Relief

Most herbalists will tell you that they became interested in herbs because they had some condition that they wanted to find a better way to address. For me, it was more about learning to be in charge of my emotions. It’s not that they were out of control, but I studied psychology in college, and this interest has never left me. Strong emotions can be uncomfortable and do considerable damage to various bodily systems.

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Posted by Tina

Herbal Doggie Popsicle Recipes

While in the dog days of summer, it’s important to consider the comfort of our beloved furry friends. My St. Bernard did a great job at reminding me of this fact. Wanting to give my spoiled boy anything that made him happy, I decided to try ready-made puppy ice cream that I found at the grocery store. But between the hefty price tag and knowing it wasn’t the most healthful option to cool him down, it wasn’t a sustainable option for my household. I knew I could make frozen dog treats that were just as refreshing, and which also contained ingredients that would support my dog’s overall wellbeing.

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Posted by Jessicka

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Formula for Summer Wellness

The twelve organ systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) connect with their western biomedical counterparts, but aren’t limited to western understandings of locations or functions. In TCM, each organ system includes not only the organ’s location, but also primary meridian lines, collateral lines, sinew channels, and more. The Five Elements of Chinese medicine—Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal—and their associated seasonal changes correlate with these organ systems.

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Posted by Jiling Lin

Vegan Golden Milk Ice Cream (No Machine)

Spring and summer are especially packed with physical activities—gardening, hiking, cycling, etc. With so much action, it’s important to support your body in its everyday functions. You’re probably wondering why a blog post about ice cream is starting out this way. Well, it’s the ingredients in this recipe that make it as helpful as it is tasty. Turmeric has been touted for its ability to support healthy joint mobility.*

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Posted by Jessicka

Bath Bomb Recipe with Lavender

To many, the thought of making bath bombs is intimidating. It’s true that the process takes a little more finesse than some DIY skin care recipes, but I’ve found that understanding the role that each ingredient plays helps me to consistently make the best bath bombs.

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Posted by Jan

Fruit and Herb-Infused Water Recipes

A huge part of healthy living is about adopting lots of small, daily habits that add up to lifelong wellness. For over 25 years of clinical herbal practice, I have sought out and recommended simple hacks for making good lifestyle choices easier. Infused waters offer a simple way to fit nutrition and wellness support into something we already do every day. We all drink water, after all, so why not add the flavor and benefits of fruits and herbs?

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Posted by Kami

3 Organic Bitters Blends from Mountain Rose Herbs

Sweet, sour, salty, umami, and everyone's “favorite” flavor: bitter! Bitter herbal concoctions have a long history of use across nearly every culture. They are a unique sensory experience and must be tasted to do their important work. As soon as herbal bitters hit the tongue, the bitter compounds activate our salivary glands, which in turn send signals to our gastrointestinal system that it is time to digest. 

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Posted by Elise

Best Herbs for Men's Health

This time of year—coming up on Father’s Day—I take some extra time to appreciate how blessed I have been in the quality of the men who have played significant roles in my life. I was raised by an excellent single father, I’m married to the best of husbands, and I’m privileged to be mother to two fantastic sons. From the time I was a little girl, “my” men have always had my back, believed in me, lifted me up, and supported my dreams. So when it comes to their health, I’m serious about providing everything I can to support their overall well-being.

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Posted by Heidi

Soothing Homemade Herbal Foot Soak

Herbal foot soaks are one of my favorite herbal treatment modalities! In my house, we do foot soaks in the evening about once a week, and this habit has become a real treat for my family. It is truly amazing to watch how we all get a little calmer and nicer as we sit there chatting with our feet tucked into little buckets full of herbal tea. My son and I like to play cards—rummy is our card game of choice—and do foot soaks before going to bed and we find it to be a perfect winding-down evening ritual. (Parenting pro tip: herbal foot soaks are a great way to get the kids slopping around in herbs when they are young!) I am known for creating herbal foot soak experiences for family gatherings, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and whenever we find ourselves just hanging out with friends. Eat, drink, foot soak, and be merry is the motto around here…

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Posted by Kami

Memory Zest Tea with Brain-Boosting Nootropic Herbs

When you're hit by an afternoon slump, creative block, or some other difficulty that mires the mind, how do you get unstuck? Here at Mountain Rose Herbs, we like to get our creative juices flowing again with a cup of organic Memory Zest herbal tea! This blend is an essential fixture in our break room, where many of our team members seek out the cognitive support of its nootropic herbs to power through the workday.

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Posted by Kendle

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