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Fall Cocktails: Elder Bellini Recipe with a Mocktail Option

As autumn is now officially here, my mind has turned to the supportive power of elder berries. Elder berry syrup is obviously a tried and true ally for immune system support*, but elder berries also make an excellent base for cocktails and mocktails. My Elder Bellini recipe is one such fall cocktail that provides both remarkable flavor and immune system support*. I must admit that it isn’t exactly an “herbal cocktail” per se—because it is made with herb-infused spirits, it is ostensibly an extract that is added to juice to impart a slight herbal flavor in a full-bodied cocktail. The beauty of this method is that you can make the infusion ahead of time, so you have your elder berry-infused base on hand whenever you get the urge for a remarkably beautiful, delicious cocktail.

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Posted by Shawn

Hibiscus Flower Hot Pepper Jelly with Homemade Pectin

If you’ve scoured the pandemic-hit canning section at your local store for supplies this year, you know the pickings are slim. My favorite low sugar dry pectin, which was readily available and selling for just a couple dollars a box six months ago, is currently impossible to find here in Eugene, and when I finally turned to online options, I discovered it selling for between $8 and $15 a box…that is madness! And it’s terrible timing, too, because I was recently gifted with a whole pound of organic, dried hibiscus flowers, and I really wanted to make hibiscus hot pepper jelly. What’s a girl to do? Hearken back to the old days!

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Posted by Heidi

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Formula for Autumn Wellness

In autumn, seeds drop to the earth and lie still. Similarly, we prepare to hibernate for the winter by drawing inward and consolidating our energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Metal element is associated with autumn. Metal governs the Lung and Large Intestine meridians, with their functions of inspiration and excretion, appropriate storage and release.

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How to Grow Your Own Sprouts

Humans have been sprouting for thousands of years! Why? Because it’s ridiculously easy! Sprouting is a natural process in which the seeds or spores germinate and put out shoots. Each seed contains all the nutrients for that seed to germinate and grow. Sprouts have a higher number of nutrients within the first seven days of growth: almost 20 times more than the same plant when it’s grown. They are versatile, nutritious, organic, and you can grow them right on your countertop! Just make it a part of your morning and nightly routine to rinse them, and you’ll be watching them sprout little tails within just a few days! 

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Organizing Your Home Apothecary

We’ve all seen the romanticized apothecary photos of beautiful glass bottles filled with vibrant herbs and spices. Often as I hone in on the unique tones of color in each jar, I’m reminded of each plant’s complexities, their character, and their purpose. It’s a true gift to have that same feeling when you open your cupboard or medicine cabinet. But with my busy lifestyle, my collection can sometimes become less than tidy or orderly. What I’ve learned is that keeping this area of my life organized provides me with a sense of peace and allows me to enjoy my herbal practice with more fluidity. It’s also a good way to keep an eye on my herbal inventory. Here are some tips to help you organize your botanical goods and ensure that you are making the most of your herbal allies.

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Posted by Jessicka

From Farm to Bottle: The Story of Our Hops

For over 30 years Mountain Rose Herbs has taken special care to curate our relationships with trusted farmers and partners to provide only the freshest, highest quality, locally sourced botanicals. We are intentionally located in the verdant Willamette Valley so that we may optimize the opportunities for sourcing as much local abundance as possible. These botanicals are the foundation for our line of expertly curated extracts and tinctures.

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Posted by Katheryn

DIY Herb-Infused Witch Hazel

When Europeans arrived on the east coast of what was to become the United States, they found that the indigenous people regularly made an astringent decoction by boiling the leaves and twigs of a particular deciduous, flowering shrub. These Native Americans were making the decoction from Hamamelis virginiana, or American witch hazel, and they used it extensively for a wide variety of health supporting applications and skin irritations. Today, high-quality witch hazel, distilled as an extract, is still beloved as a gentle skin toner and astringent. It is a key ingredient the best DIY and over the counter toners, cleansers, makeup removers, after sun sprays, etc. Additionally, the extract’s naturally low pH helps balance the typically high pH of soap, so it makes a wonderful after-wash refresher that is suitable for most skin types and can be used alone or incorporated with other ingredients. And, best of all, because witch hazel takes on the properties of whatever herbs you infuse it with, you can customize it for your skin’s specific needs!

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Posted by Heidi

Reclaiming Food Sovereignty in the BIPOC Community

I was born with hands stained crimson. The coagulated blood of the black women who came before me pulses through my veins. It is their calluses I can feel pushing through the tender surface of each aching palm; a young corn stalk fighting to witness the waning light.

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Posted by Indy

Catnip: Beneficial Herb for Humans and Cats + DIY Cat Toy Ideas

Nepeta cataria, commonly called catnip, is an ancient member of the mint family. It has been used in western folk practices for millennia, and is loved for its gentle, calming properties. Herbalists and parents often brew this child-friendly herb into a soothing tisane, but it can also be taken internally as a tincture. For topical use, catnip can be infused in oils, or used as an essential oil or hydrosol to bring an herbaceous, relaxing scent to body care products. Perhaps, however, catnip is best known as the herb most loved by our feline friends.

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Posted by Heidi

Homemade Immune-Supporting Root Beer

Who doesn’t love a frosty, foamy root beer on a hot day? From drive in burger joints to movie theaters, root beer is the classic American drink. However, the corporate world has turned root beer into a cheap artificial drink full of high fructose corn syrup and other artificial flavors. Real homemade root beer is full of healthful and flavorful herbs.

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Posted by Dr. Glen Nagel

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