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Best Herbs for Digestion + 3 Easy Recipes

I just returned from a three-week vacation, and while the trip was fantastic, it's been a challenge getting my body back into a healthy balance since I've gotten home. I’m playing catch-up with work, running late on gardening must-dos, and haven’t taken the time to plan ahead on how I’m eatingall of which have impacted my appetite and digestive health.

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Posted by Heidi

Tangy and Savory BBQ Sauce

The summer grilling season is here! Although there are many of us to who love to grill year-round, there is nothing like cooking outside on a beautiful, warm summer evening surrounded by loved ones. Try out this spicy barbecue sauce recipe we’ve created with all sorts of good-for-you herbs and spices. As always, feel free to customize to suit your tastes!

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Posted by Mason

Ayurveda-Inspired Skin Care Tips to Age with Grace

With each new trip around the sun, I find myself paying more attention to skincare tips from experts and other folks around me. Applying oil to the skin has been a common theme throughout the Ayurvedic classes I’ve been able to experience. As the Ayurvedic doctors would say: If you can take the time to change the oil in your car or condition your leather possessions, why neglect your own body?

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Posted by Ek Ongkar

Best Herbal Iced Teas for Summer

Spring is here, and we can feel the summer sun hot on its heels! What better way to toast the arrival of these warmer months than with cool and delicious iced teas? (June is the month for National Iced Tea Day, after all!) I like to keep a pitcher or two in my refrigerator, both for flavor variety and so that I opt for caffeine or caffeine-free, depending on my needs. 

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Posted by Kendle

Cooling & Calming DIY Calendula Toner for Summer Skin

Facial toners have come a long way since the 1990s, when the most common commercial varieties (often marketed to teenagers) used high concentrations of alcohol to help remove oil from the skin. Purported to reduce acne, they were purposely drying and too astringent for most skin types. Today’s facial toners with natural ingredients, on the other hand, provide benefits that can help to maintain the normal pH and hydration of our skin, both of which are essential to maintaining the moisture and elasticity that gives our complexions a smooth, healthy appearance. 

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Posted by Heidi

3 Easy & Light Summer Salad Dressing Recipes

Salads are the perfect spring and summer fare—light, crisp, seasonal, and nutritious! But let's face it, we've all grown bored with salads at one point or another. Like many things in life, it's important to have variation, and when it comes to cuisine, sauces and dressings are a great way to quickly mix things up a bit. 

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Posted by Jessicka

Lemon Lavender Fizz Herbal Soda

Lavender is one of my favorite herbs for a busy, worry-prone brain. This fragrant member of the mint family helps to calm the mind and make space for a nervous person to sort through their thoughts and set aside unproductive ones—an important first step toward making a lasting mindset change.

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Posted by Brittany

No-Bake Matcha Cheesecake Recipe

While any time of the year is an excellent time to enjoy matcha, I do find that the resurgence of spring tends to particularly inspire my interest in this vibrant green tea. It’s only fitting—matcha perfectly embodies the spirit of the season, both in its appearance and its origins.

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Posted by Tim

How We Handcraft Our Herbal Syrups & Elixirs + DIY Elderberry Rooty Syrup Recipe

When a bit of wellness support is in order, many folks reach for a bottle of their favorite Mountain Rose Herbs syrup or elixir. There’s a lot of plant goodness, history, and love packed into each bottle of the botanical-infused syrups and elixirs that are handcrafted by our team in Eugene, Oregon, and we’d like to offer you a peek behind the scenes of how we mix up each magical bottle!

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Posted by Jana

How to Make Elderberry-Infused Herbal Vinegar

My family loves fruity vinegars. We use them multiple times a week in vinaigrettes, marinades, barbecue sauces, sipping vinegars, and shrub cocktails.

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Posted by Heidi

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