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Blush with Beet Root: Homemade Makeup Ideas for Naturally Glowing Cheeks

The folks here at Mountain Rose Herbs love to make our own natural body care products. These fun DIY self care projects allow us to ensure that we are using only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients to create safe and beautiful goodies for friends and family, proving that the journey to well-being can be both natural and stylish. There are lots of simple ways to jump into DIY makeup, but we're especially fond of one cosmetic category that's easy to make and apply: natural blushes.

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Posted by Jana

Cranberry Seed Oil: Your New Natural Body Care Staple, Carrier Oil, and More!

Cranberry seed oil is a newcomer to the world of carrier oils and it is gaining recognition as an exceptional oil for nutrition and natural cosmetics. Previously, cranberry seeds were treated as the leftovers of cranberry fruit production, but in 1992, Bernard Lager developed a method to cold-press the oil from the tiny seeds of the tart berries. It takes approximately 31 pounds of cranberries to produce one half ounce of cranberry seed oil; that is a lot of cranberries!

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Posted by Kendle

Baobab Oil Basics & DIY Eye Cream Recipe

As we cycle into summer, I am feeling the drive to accomplish more tasks on my ever-growing to-do list. Unfortunately, this creation motivation sometimes results in my waking up with some seriously sleepy eyes! I found myself wanting a nice skin cream full of natural ingredients that would be cooling and kind to the delicate under-eye area. Being a DIY-minded person, I set out to formulate one.

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Posted by Hannah

Summer Scents: DIY Essential Oil Roll On Perfume

Sweet, sublime summer! After many long months of rain and cloudy skies, I am ecstatic to finally enjoy some warmth and sunshine. From making tea pops to camping, there are so many enjoyable activities to squeeze into the short number of sunny months here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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Posted by Miriam

How to Use Argan Oil + DIY Serum Recipe for Vibrant Hair

I like to spend as much time as possible outdoors, adventuring and enjoying all the beautiful places throughout the Pacific Northwest. However, I have found that exposure to the elements and ‘roughing it’ can take a toll on skin and hair over time. With that in mind, I did some research and ‘discovered’ the wonderful world of argan oil. Incorporating organic argan oil into my skin care routine was an easy way for me to nourish my skin and hair while ensuring that I was using a product that was good for me and good for the planet.  

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Posted by Hannah

Tips for Self-Care: Simple Ways to Start and End Your Day

I developed my work ethic at the knee of my single father, who regularly worked 12-hour days and then, like every good single parent, came home and cooked dinner, went to teacher conferences, and helped me with homework. I learned to think of “self-care” as something one did as a reward, those minutes you might give yourself only after all the work is done.

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Posted by Heidi

DIY Gardener's Salve Recipe

As the garden beckons, I’m reminded why I’m so thankful for herbal salves! Between planting, weeding, and pruning, my pampered winter hands are getting their typical spring hazing. Part of it is surely my own fault, as I tend to toss my gloves aside to feel the warm dirt on my hands.

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Posted by Kiley

Vanilla Cardamom Lip Balm

Easy to make and a great self-care tool to always have on hand, lip balm is one of my favorite DIY projects to make at home. With endless options for scents and butters, they can be fully customized and take only 10 minutes from start to final pour to make. Plus, you end up with a beautiful finished product without a long list of chemicals (like what you might find in some big brand lip balms).

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Posted by Nicole

What is Witch Hazel Extract and How to Use It

Favored for its toning and astringent qualities, witch hazel extract has been dearly valued by countless generations. This classic botanical preparation has maintained a prized place on vanities and in bathroom cabinets for over a century, always kept within reach for whenever a soothing or toning topical product was needed. Let's explore this versatile ingredient! Read More
Posted by Hannah

Easy Ayurvedic Face Mask

Growing up, I had the unique opportunity to embrace herbal wisdom through the ancient Indian philosophy of Ayurveda. For a number of years, my family hosted Ayurvedic physicians who traveled around the world to spread this beautiful knowledge of wellness and balance. It was through this incredible learning experience that I began to understand that the best tools for facial care came from the herbal pantry. Triphala, one of the most common and versatile Ayurvedic herbal formulations, was used for this refreshing facial mask.

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Posted by Ek Ongkar