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Fo-Ti Root Tea Blend with Wild Cherry Bark and Cinnamon

fo-ti root

There is a bit of myth and storytelling surrounding Fo-Ti Root. It is celebrated in Chinese medicine as a plant native to China (but also grown in Taiwan and Japan) and believed to be a tonic for all sorts of overall health and longevity uses. In fact, Fo-Ti is also commonly known as He Shou Wu which loosely translates to "Mr. Wu's hair stays black” implying that Fo-Ti root will promote youthfulness. A bit of legend with one's tea can be fun!

Like other roots and barks, it is best prepared as a decoction, steeping the bark for 20 minutes to a half hour to extract the properties of the herb. Since I can't help but try to make everything taste and smell yummy, this version of Fo-Ti Root Tea has the addition of Wild Cherry Bark, as well as Cinnamon and honey for an even more delicious beverage...


Fo-Ti Root Tea Blend Recipe

Mix organic Fo-Ti Root, Wild Cherry Bark, and Cinnamon together in an infuser, tea bag, or strainer. Pour 1-2 cups boiling water over and let steep for approximately 20 minutes. Strain herbs from liquid and add raw honey to sweeten. Enjoy!

 This post was originally published for the series "The Sunday Steep." 

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Written by Friends on August 17, 2014

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