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Pacific Northwest Farms

Large field of herbs growing in the dirt on the farm

At Mountain Rose Herbs, roughly 75% of our US-grown organic herbs are rooted in the soils of the Pacific Northwest, the bioregion we call home.


Our farmers can grow an array of crops in this diverse bioregion thanks to our temperate climate, clean water, and rich agricultural soils. From the world-renowned peppermint leaf known for its bold, minty flavor, to the indigenous california poppy, our growers take advantage of the climate that makes this area unique.

Earlier this spring we paid a visit to one of our Pacific Northwest farms (certified organic, of course!), located in the Applegate Valley of southwestern Oregon. There our farmers patiently waited for the weather to clear, the soil to dry out, and the planting to begin. Spring is a time for anticipating harvests and preparing the ground for what lies ahead. Perennial and fall-planted crops were already in the soil and showing growth as temperatures warmed and days lengthened. The seedlings were out of the greenhouses to harden, while the farmers hoped for the heavy spring rains to subside, allowing them to cultivate the soil and get plants in the ground.

We're grateful for our long-term relationships with our Pacific Northwest farmers. By supporting local growers we minimize our impact on the planet and contribute to our local economies. Cheers to many more healthy harvests!

Green leaves of parsley being grown on the farm for the root

Herbs We source From Pacific Northwest Farms*

Agrimony Echinacea Purpurea Parsley Root
Alfalfa Leaf Elecampane Root Peppermint Leaf
Angelica Root Epazote Plantain Leaf
Black Walnut Hulls Goldenseal Leaf Poke Root
Black Walnut Leaf Goldenseal Root Rue
Blue Flag Root Hop Flowers Sheep Sorrel
Blue Vervain Horsetail Skullcap
Borage Lobelia Spearmint Leaf
Bugleweed Motherwort Turkey Rhubarb
Burdock Root Nettle Root Yarrow
California Poppy Calendula Yellow Dock Root
Catnip Oat Tops

*Because of crop availability and other variables, we're unable to guarantee that these botanicals will always be grown locally. But we sure like to support our local farmers when we can!

Share in the bounty of our domestically grown crops.

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Written by Rachel on May 19, 2017

Rachel Weiner, blog contributor, specializes in the purchasing of raw botanicals from Latin America, Africa, and Western Europe. Her background is in organic farm management and food processing. She enjoys cooking, yoga, and adventures in the woods.

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