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How to Make Flavored Ghee with Italian Herbs

My husband got a job as a short-order breakfast cook when he was in high school. It was in that restaurant that he learned how to make ghee. I didn’t know this about him until one day, as I was making some herbal ghee, he said, “Oh yeah, ghee makes everything taste better!” He then proceeded to tell me the story of why he was such a master at throwing together a great breakfast. He dished out thousands of meals in that restaurant job, and all the egg dishes were cooked in ghee.

Watch herbalist and author Kami McBride demonstrate how to make a quick and flavorful Italian herb and garlic ghee!

So—let’s make everything taste better! One of the things about having an herbal kitchen is that you don’t have to be a great gourmet cook. It’s really all about having a pantry that’s stocked with herb-filled condiments.

If you already use ghee, why not add herbs? The nice thing about making up some infused ghee ahead of time is that when you go to prepare dinner, the herbal flavors are already layered into your cooking oil and ready to add deliciousness to even the most simple of meals.

My book The Herbal Kitchen includes an entire chapter full of variations on this buttery goodness, and Italian Ghee is one of its most versatile recipes. It’s perfect for sautéing fresh spring vegetables (or, if you’d rather not fry your produce, you can also bake or steam your veggies, then add a dollop of ghee just before eating!).

Italian herb and garlic infused ghee with bowls of organic seasonings and sauteed mushrooms.

Ghee is an excellent delivery medium for the beneficial properties of the herbs you add to it. In Ayurvedic medicine, ghee is said to be nourishing to all tissues in the body. It helps us absorb the therapeutic qualities of many botanicals while adding a delightful layer of flavor to your meal.

Use herbal ghee in soups, or put a tablespoon in the water that you use to cook rice or other grains. It also adds a delicious finish drizzled over snacks like popcorn (or corn on the cob!).

Italian herb blend ingredients for making herb-infused ghee.

Italian Herb & Garlic Infused Ghee Recipe

Makes about 1 cup.



  1. Warm ghee until it is liquified and transfer to a glass jar with lid.
  2. Add ground and powdered herbs to the ghee and stir to incorporate.
  3. Place lid on jar and secure, then shake well to further mix ingredients.
  4. Let sit for 2 weeks to infuse before using.

Ghee blended with dried herbs is quite shelf stable. You can store it in the fridge or keep it on the counter next to where you cook.

Italian herb and garlic ghee in glass jar with spoon.

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Written by Kami on April 14, 2020

Kami McBride’s 30 years of teaching herbal medicine is steeped in her calling to inspire a cultural shift that embraces taking care of our bodies with healing herbs, a deep connection with the earth and a lifestyle that passes this knowledge on to our children. She is the is author of The Herbal Kitchen and has taught herbal medicine at the University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing. Kami has helped thousands of families learn to use herbs for their self care to promote natural wellness through the goodness of beneficial plants. Her workshops and online courses fuel the home herbalism movement to revitalize our relationship with the plant world and use herbal medicine for home wellness care. For more on Kami's work and learning opportunities, visit www.KamiMcBride.com .

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