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DIY Guide to Tea Blending

This fun tool will help you find herbal synergy when creating your own tea blends. Start with the herbal action you need and use your preferred herb as the “active ingredient” base. Then add a “supportive ingredient” for that particular body system. The final ingredient is the “catalyst” which adds a pop of flavor or offers stronger potency to the active ingredient by providing a complimentary action.

These proportions are conceptual and not hard set, so you have freedom to experiment. Start with 3 parts active ingredient, 1 to 2 parts supportive, and 1/4 to 1 part catalyst, and then make adjustments as needed. You will find that herbs often switch roles from one blend to the next.

Keep this helpful guide in mind when you begin blending gifts for the holidays!


Tea Blending Triangle - Mountain Rose Herbs


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Written by Friends on September 23, 2013