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Guide to MCT / Fractionated Coconut Oil + 4 Ways to Use It

Full bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil surrounded by other DIY ingredients.

While many of us are familiar with solid coconut oil with its myriad of uses in our everyday lives, some may be less acquainted with its liquid counterpart known as fractionated or MCT coconut oil.

Fractionated Coconut Oil vs. MCT Oil

This particular oil is found on the market labeled with three different terms for the same oil: fractionated, MCT, and liquid coconut oil. While the products themselves are effectively interchangeable, different industries may favor different descriptors. The terms "fractionated" and "liquid" are typically associated with coconut oil promoted for use in body care recipes, while MCT is a descriptor more commonly used in reference to oil being sold as food. The fractionated coconut MCT oil carried here at Mountain Rose Herbs is well suited for both purposes, so we use both names here to cover the whole spectrum!

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What is MCT Coconut Oil?

The acronym “MCT” stands for "medium chain triglyceride," which describes the type of fatty acid chains present in this liquid coconut oil. The long chain fatty acids are what keep coconut oil solid at room temperature, and removing them allows the oil to remain in a liquid state at room temperature and lower (even in the fridge!).

Hands applying oil to skin with a full bottle of fractionated coconut oil and plant in background.

MCT / Fractionated Coconut Oil Uses

1. As a No-Fuss Moisturizer: This oil absorbs into skin much more quickly than solid coconut oil and does not leave a greasy residue. Fractionated coconut MCT oil is typically less likely than solid coconut oil to clog pores for the majority of people, due to the removal of long-chain fatty acids. It also blends well with other thicker cosmetic oils such as rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, or evening primrose oil.

2. In Smoothies and Salad Dressings: Fractionated coconut MCT oil has a neutral flavor and will not add any coconut taste. Adding 1 to 3 tablespoons to your smoothie or salad dressing recipe is a popular use for liquid coconut oil in various nutrition circles, as doing so purportedly provides an energy boost. Typically, liquid coconut oil is not ideal for cooking with heat over 300° F.

3. Diluting Essential Oils (Topical Use Only!): Fractionated coconut oil is a preferred carrier oil for essential oils and essential oil blends, as it does not have a scent and absorbs quickly into the skin. Fractionated MCT coconut oil also works beautifully in roll-on bottles!

4. Crafting Body Care Recipes: Fractionated MCT coconut oil may be used in homemade soaps, lotions, massage oils, and many different DIY deodorant or toothpaste recipes. It also makes a lovely aftershave moisturizer or neutral base for beard oils.


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Written by Kendle on December 28, 2018

Kendle is a Product Coordinator with Mountain Rose Herbs. Born in Portland, Oregon, she has called many different places home across the country. After earning her Associates degree in North Carolina, she moved to Colorado where she spent six years working in the herbal supplement and body care industry before coming back to Oregon. Currently she is engaged in extensive independent study and experimentation in the areas of folk herbalism, homebrewing, and painting. She believes that one of the most important methods for understanding herbs is to experience them, and to truly take the time to listen to your body to find what works best for the individual. She and her partner spend their time exploring the wilderness, hunting mushrooms, concocting herbal remedies, and reading voraciously.

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