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DIY Aromatherapy: Holiday Diffuser Blend Recipes


Diffusing essential oil blends is a fun and natural way to spread yummy aromas throughout any space. Those expensive, synthetically perfumed candles can be tempting with their bright colors and familiar aromas of candy canes, apple pie, and evergreen cheer, but diffusing pure essential oils at home or work is a wonderfully natural way to scent a room with seasonal aromas. I hope these holiday inspired blends bring a smile to your face!


Peppermint Surprise Essential Oil Blend

Heavy sweet floral aroma with sparkling peppermint!

55 drops organic Peppermint essential oil
20 drops organic Ylang Ylang essential oil


Oh Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend

Classic evergreen aroma.

30 drops organic Douglas Fir essential oil
15 drops organic Cypress essential oil
15 drops organic Orange essential oil
10 drops organic Nutmeg essential oil


Vanilla Spice Essential Oil Blend

Vanilla cream mixed filled with a warming cinnamon goodness. 

42 drops organic Cinnamon essential oil
42 drops organic Orange essential oil
25 drops organic Vanilla Absolute (roughly 1/4 teaspoon)
17 drops organic Nutmeg essential oil


Blending Directions and Tips:

Add all essential oils to a glass bottle. One 1/4 oz bottle will hold any of these blends. Screw cap on tightly and invert the bottle to blend the oils. Do not shake! Allow the blend to sit for a couple of hours, smell test, and make any adjustments to your liking.
Vanilla Absolute is a very thick oil. The container can be placed in a bowl of hot water to make it easier to work with. This will not effect the aroma and the oil with thicken again as it cools. It may be easier to use a measuring spoon for this oil.

Diffusing Directions:

Fill your essential oil diffuser reservoir with water. Add 5-6 drops of the essential oil blend. Light a tea candle in the base of your diffuser and enjoy as your space fills with the yummy aroma! If you are using an Electric Diffuser or our new Ultrasonic Diffuser, please follow the included directions. (The diffuser pictured is our Ceramic Diffuser, which is made in the USA).

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Written by Christine on December 6, 2013

As Products Manager, Christine Rice has been working with the botanical goodies at Mountain Rose Herbs for over 14 years. With a Certificate in Aromatherapy from The American College of Healthcare Sciences, she works closely with the essential oils and hydrosols that we offer. She connects with the aromatherapy industry through our National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy business membership and contributes on working committees with The American Herbal Products Association. In addition to her love for aromatics and blending essential oils, Christine can be found gardening and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She enjoys canning and preserving food, knitting when she has time, and keeps busy with her energetic daughter.

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