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Catnip: Beneficial Herb for Humans and Cats + DIY Cat Toy Ideas

Nepeta cataria, commonly called catnip, is an ancient member of the mint family. It has been used in western folk practices for millennia, and is loved for its gentle, calming properties. Herbalists and parents often brew this child-friendly herb into a soothing tisane, but it can also be taken internally as a tincture. For topical use, catnip can be infused in oils, or used as an essential oil or hydrosol to bring an herbaceous, relaxing scent to body care products. Perhaps, however, catnip is best known as the herb most loved by our feline friends.

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Posted by Heidi

How to Make Fermented Hot Sauce

I’m always striving to tweak and experiment with the food I consume. Whether that means attempting a new cuisine, trying seemingly odd and new (to me) ingredients, experimenting with herbs and spices, or delving further into the world of fermentation, the culinary arts are an endless source of inspiration, fun, and creativity.

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Posted by Mason

Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

On golden summer nights, it is so nice to come home, pour a cup of tea, and get the diffuser going to refresh your space and spirit. Diffusing pure essential oils into the air allows you to enjoy the many benefits of herbal aromatherapy.

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Posted by Kendle

DIY Roll-On Lip Gloss for Summer

When I’m about to embark on a summer adventure, I always do the final check before walking out the door—keys, wallet, water, and lip balm. Being ill-equipped with any of these staples puts a real damper on my ability to take impromptu diversions on the roads less traveled.

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Posted by Jessicka

Seaweed Dry Face Mask Recipe

Taking time to care for your skin is important. This amazing organ is what allows us to face the world every single day. I've been making my own skin-loving recipes for almost a decade, and I've learned which types of recipes are as good as over-the-counter products, which are actually better when made by hand, and which should be left to the professionals. Facial masks are among some of the most effective recipes in the “better when handmade” category.

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Posted by Jenni

Bath Bomb Recipe with Lavender

To many, the thought of making bath bombs is intimidating. It’s true that the process takes a little more finesse than some DIY skin care recipes, but I’ve found that understanding the role that each ingredient plays helps me to consistently make the best bath bombs.

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Posted by Jan

Best Herbs for Men's Health

This time of year—coming up on Father’s Day—I take some extra time to appreciate how blessed I have been in the quality of the men who have played significant roles in my life. I was raised by an excellent single father, I’m married to the best of husbands, and I’m privileged to be mother to two fantastic sons. From the time I was a little girl, “my” men have always had my back, believed in me, lifted me up, and supported my dreams. So when it comes to their health, I’m serious about providing everything I can to support their overall well-being.

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Posted by Heidi

Natural Gifts for New Moms & Dads

Many a parent will vow that the arrival of their child was the greatest gift they’ve ever received—and also the most demanding! As the proud keeper of a tiny new human myself, I am deeply immersed in the difficult but rewarding work of merging pre-baby life with parenthood, and one truth that’s never been clearer to me is that families need the support of their village to thrive. Since we can’t always be there physically for the ones we love, we often look for ways to pass on that love and assistance through a thoughtful gift, be it lovingly selected or lovingly made.

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Posted by Jana

Zero-Waste Natural Makeup Remover Recipe


Choosing natural body care products whenever possible has been a priority of mine for a long time, both for my health and the health of the environment. I started by buying more eco-friendly versions of the pre-made products I was already using, but over time, I started to wonder if this was the best way to achieve my goals. After all, these “greener” versions may not have contained the worrisome ingredients of more conventional cosmetics, but they almost always came in single-use packaging that definitely wasn’t helping the planet…and they didn’t do much for the health of my budget, either! That’s what sparked my interest in creating my own beauty products—and I’ve never looked back.

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Posted by Jessicka

Kokum Butter Face & Body Balm Recipe

Winter can be hard on the skin, especially the complexion. If you think about it, you literally “face” the blustery temperature and winds of winter, only to come inside to be abruptly met with warm, dry heat. This cycle can create quite a bit of turmoil for your skin, and it’s times like these that your largest organ appreciates some extra love and attention. This is what sparked the inspiration to create a DIY protective balm for the face (though I actually use it for the whole body).

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Posted by Nadia Neumann

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