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Kokum Butter Face & Body Balm Recipe

Winter can be hard on the skin, especially the complexion. If you think about it, you literally “face” the blustery temperature and winds of winter, only to come inside to be abruptly met with warm, dry heat. This cycle can create quite a bit of turmoil for your skin, and it’s times like these that your largest organ appreciates some extra love and attention. This is what sparked the inspiration to create a DIY protective balm for the face (though I actually use it for the whole body).

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Posted by Nadia Neumann

Love-Inspired DIY Body Care Gifts for Your Home Spa

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to love—love for a partner, for friends, or for family, yes, but it's also the perfect excuse for some self-love too. Simple to create, our plant-based recipes are perfect for pampering those whom we cherish. These sumptuous preparations are formulated to relax the body and mind, uplift the spirit, and incite feelings of closeness and love.

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Posted by Irene

Our Guide to Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are a cornerstone in the world of aromatherapy. When I first learned about diffusers, I incorrectly associated them with products simply meant to deodorize a space, like a scented hanging air freshener for your car, for example. The truth is however, that these little devices can transform living spaces and influence overall states of being through the power of aromatherapy.

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Posted by Tiana

Organic Massage Oils for Natural Relaxation

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Whether it’s performed by the hands of a skilled professional or the one you love (both, if you’re lucky!), a little added massage oil can help work out the tension. Another bonus is that a natural, nourishing massage oil can also act as a skin-supporting moisturizer for your back—an area which we sometimes neglect due to the flexibility required to reach it on our own!

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Posted by Kendle

Herbal Organic Skin Creams for Face & Body

My beauty regimen is extremely simple, and over the years I have stuck almost exclusively with single oils and butters for face and body care. Lotions were never really my thing. However, after trying our Mountain Rose Herbs organic skin creams, I was willing to make an exception! These skin creams are instantly softening and long-lasting, and they have just the right touch of lingering scent from essential oils.

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Posted by Kendle

Enjoy Fuss-Free Fragrance with Our Roll-On Perfume Oils

Perfumes can make a statement, evoke fond memories, or add a finishing touch to our special occasion preparations. Our collection of natural aroma oils offers an ideal way to enjoy your favorite botanical scents, without the harsh, synthetic chemicals found in many conventional fragrances. Conveniently packaged in 10 mL roll-on bottles, they are easy to apply wherever a little uplifting energy is desired—whether as part of your home body care rituals, or when you need some essential oil goodness on-the-go!

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Posted by Kendle

Making Homemade Herbal Lozenges with Linden

Stand beneath a blooming linden tree, and chances are you will slowly become aware of an almost unbelievable event taking place. The tree will be so alive with the hum and buzz of happy honeybees so absorbed in their harvest, they may very well bounce right off of you! An 80-year-old tree near my home presents a nearly surreal experience under her widespread, blooming boughs.

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Posted by Tina

Guide to Loose Leaf Tea Infusers

Reusable tea infusers help to reduce the need for single use tea bags, and they are also quite versatile. There are many options to choose from, so how do you know which tool is right for you? The answer will depend on your preferences and project, so the key is to understand the strengths of each type of tea infuser.

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Posted by Kendle

Zero Waste Backpacking and Camping Hacks

Whether you’re hiking, camping, backpacking, or floating the river, you’ve got to fuel up while you play, but how can you do it in a sustainable way? While there are tons of dehydrated “backpacking food” options on the market today, their single-use packaging can add up to a pile of unrecyclable waste. Perhaps you never meant to leave a wrapper behind, but I can assure you, it’s bound to happen! That means your trash trail will either need to be packed out by someone else, or worse (and more likely), left to pose a choking hazard to wildlife. Luckily, there are many ways that you can immerse yourself in nature without waste—they just require a bit of planning!

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Posted by Melissa

Rosemary Mint Homemade Salt Spray for Hair

For many of us, the mention of summertime conjures up vivid memories of long, sun-drenched days spent beside the water—be it a community pool, a broad blue lake, a turtle-filled pond in the countryside, or an endless stretch of ocean waves breaking against a sandy shore. Those who have played and lounged along the coast know that few things awaken our hair’s inner mermaid like a salty dip and a sea breeze air-dry. However, since few of us are able to make this treatment a part of our everyday haircare routine (or want to sport an algae-fresh scent on the daily), a homemade salt spray can make that beachy hair texture more easily accessible.

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Posted by Jana

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