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Zero-Waste Gifts for Your Sweetheart

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Finding the perfect gift for someone living a minimalist or zero-waste lifestyle can seem impossibly hard. What do you get for that special someone who says “I don’t need a present. I have enough things in my life right now”? On one hand you want spoil them, and gifts are a great way to let your partner know that you love and appreciate them. On the other the hand, you want to respect their wishes. With a little creativity and planning, finding that perfect gift is easy and often a lot of fun! Below are some memorable ways to say “I love you” without buying expensive or shiny new things.

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Get Crafty

Be sure to put some thought into this one. While hand painting an adorable gnome coffee cup in their favorite colors might be the cutest thing you’ve seen all year, it’s still going to add clutter. Think about something that they need, want, or would enjoy using...and that they can use up!

Does your sweetie love to cook? Try making them a variety of Herbal Infused Butters or a few DIY Spice Blends. Does your partner mix a mean cocktail? Blend some Dandelion & Cacao Bitters or infuse an herbal Homemade Vermouth. Could your valentine use some relaxing aromatherapy? Whip up some homemade massage oil or a rose & lavender facial toner. Or sometimes a simple treat is all it takes to make them smile. Try making these no-bake paleo ashwagandha chocolate bites or gluten-free salted chocolate cookies, because who doesn’t love chocolate?

Chocolate chip cookies with flake salt on cutting board with cloth napkin on table

Give Them the Gift of Time

One of the most valuable gifts you can give is your time, and there are so many fun ways to make memories together. Planting an herb garden, attending an herbal conference or concert, taking a walk outdoors, or planning a staycation together are only a few of the many ways to make lasting memories. Don’t forget to snap a few selfies along the way, laughing over old photos is always time well spent. 

Richo Cech handling Arnica Seeds and Arnica plants and flowers

Make a Charitable Donation in Their Name

Making a donation to a charity that your sweetie is sweet on is a win-win. It shows that you care about their passions, and you get to support a worthwhile organization simultaneously. Browse our favorite nonprofits for inspiration.

Celebrating love is most meaningful by your actions and heartfelt intentions. While zero-waste gift-giving can seem complicated, it’s not so bad if you follow your heart.


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Written by Kiley on January 27, 2018

Kiley manages our Influencer Marketing and PR programs. Her many passions include homebrewing, small batch canning, crochet, paper arts, photography, and long walks on the beach with her husband and their rescue dog, Penny.