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Why We Pay Our Employees to Get Out and Volunteer

Woman cleaning up trash on beach

What is it about putting your hands into the soil that feels so good? How about wading barefoot through a stream or breathing fresh ocean air? Being in nature is simply revitalizing. That’s one of the fundamental reasons our employees have the opportunity to get paid for getting outside and restoring natural areas through the Mountain Rose River Project

The Mountain Rose River Project is a grassroots, employee-led program which is part of our Paid Time for Community Involvement Program. Employees have 24 hours of paid time they can use to volunteer. We partner with numerous nonprofits and governmental agencies to complete around 10 restoration projects every year. Funded entirely by Mountain Rose Herbs, teams of spunky volunteers tackle projects to restore riparian ecosystems, maintain stream health, and protect wildlife habitat.

Woman on beach cleaning up trash

Encouraging Employee Health & Well-being

Our employees know that we need to take care of this planet because it’s the only one we have. Planting trees along the riverbank helps to filter water and reduce erosion. Picking up trash along the bike bath we adopted ensures toxins don’t leach into the ground and stream that parallels the path. Removing invasive plants so they don’t crowd out native species promotes biodiversity.

Getting outdoors and giving back is not only good for the environment, it keeps people healthy too! Whether it’s a bright day and you’re loading up on vitamin D from the sun, or a windy day on the coast, it feels good to move around. Engaging and encouraging folks to do meaningful volunteer work gives employees pride in the company. During volunteer projects, there’s a palpable sense of camaraderie. We are all working together, sweating together, and moving toward a common goal.

People planting and watering trees near open field


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Written by Alyssa on July 11, 2018

Alyssa, Sustainability Director, is our leader of all things environmental and sustainable at Mountain Rose Herbs. When she isn’t busy volunteering on local nonprofit boards and organizing fundraising events in Eugene, she can be found working in the garden with her partner, hiking and camping around the great Northwest, and exploring Oregon’s local craft beer and cider scene.