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Hard Day's Work Tea Blend Recipe with Elderberry Extract

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From our weekly series: The Sunday Steep

Happy Father's Day! While there are so many different kinds of dads out there, this tea recipe came to me while I was thinking of my own dad and grandfathers. Both my grandfathers, as well as my dad, have all passed on. My childhood, however, was filled with their influence...spending summers in the garden with my grandpa or on the back of my other grandfather's motorcycle while he carefully rode me around the neighborhood. My dad was definitely of the "measure twice, cut once" school and taught me how to change a flat tire before he taught me to drive.

These men were the sorts who worked long days, mostly outdoors, and then spent their days away from paid work building, crafting, tending, and creating. Whether they were planting trees, rebuilding engines, milling lumber for a new barn, or tending the garden, they were the kind of people who knew how to keep busy!

This tea is made up of some of my favorite strong flavors from the great outdoors, as well as herbs I like for their nutritive and supportive qualities. Perfect to enjoy in the midst of a hard day of work... 

Mountain Rose Herbs - Butterfly Meadow Restoration


Hard Day's Work Tea Blend Recipe 

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Written by Friends on June 21, 2015

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