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Echinacea, Rose Bud, and Rosehip Tea Blend Recipe

This blog post was originally a part of the weekly Sunday Steep series.

Some Sundays are about resting up, recharging, and giving the system a chance to recover. When I'm feeling a little worn down and wanting to ward off any inkling of dis-ease for the coming week, this tea gives me a nice bit of recharge, as well as the yummy herbal flavors I crave... 

Many people think of rose buds as a decorative herb, but you can steep them as a tea and/or use within food. Be sure that yours are certified organic! They make a wonderful, sweet, and very aromatic addition to whatever tea blend you create!



Echinacea, Rose Bud, and Rosehip Tea Blend Recipe

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Written by Friends on April 13, 2014

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