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The Sunday Steep!



This delicious tea recipe came to our Events Coordinator, Mason, in a dream! We wanted to call it Mason's Dream Tea, but that name implies a soothing sleepy tea and this blend will definitely stimulate the senses.

This recipe mixes smooth black tea with a strong flavor of extra rich vanilla and peppy orange peel. We liked it with a little sweet honey and milk for a super delectable treat - the perfect beverage for a Sunday morning brunch!




Mason’s Orange Vanilla Wake-Up Tea

1 Tablespoon organic Vanilla Black Tea

1/2 chopped organic Vanilla bean or vanilla extract

1 teaspoon organic dried Orange Peel

Milk of choice and raw, organic honey to taste

Place Vanilla Black Tea and dried Orange Peel in a tea infuser. Chop the Vanilla bean into the dried tea mix. (or add ½ teaspoon good Vanilla extract to the tea once it has steeped) Pour boiling water over and allow to steep for approximately 2-3 minutes. Add milk, cream, and/or raw organic honey to taste.




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Written by Friends on April 6, 2014