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Inside the People-Powered Mountain Rose Herbs Shipping Department

Once you place your order at Mountain Rose Herbs—either by phone or online—a very personalized process begins. While we strive to prepare your order as quickly and efficiently as possible, we also put thought and care into each box that leaves our building. 

Personalized, Hand Packed Orders

Your order is first processed by one of our Customer Service Representatives. They create the invoice you will later find in your package. This invoice contains all the important details that are needed by the good folk who pull and pack all of your goodies before shipment.

When we say your order is “hand packed” we mean that the herbs you purchase are scooped, weighed, and put into bags just for you, right after you place your order. Labels get printed and affixed too all the herbs we've packed for you.

Everything is prepared after you’ve told us what you need. We don't have shelves of pre-packed herbs waiting for possible homes. Because we care deeply about maintaining the freshness of herbs, we won't pack anything until we know it'll have a home and that the herbs we send you are still as fresh as possible. 

Shipping Boxes at Mountain Rose Herbs rolling down conveyor belt to be shipped out

Attentive Quality Control

The folks who fill orders retrieve each item by hand. For orders of bottles, jars, and other breakables, we hand bag and wrap these for you.  Carefully counting out droppers, lids, and jars and then making sure to bag, wrap, and tape them so they will arrive intact and ready for your project.  Only after all of your items are weighed, packaged, sorted, and wrapped do they then get prepared for shipment.

Along the way, your order is read and checked by multiple people. For beginners, the training crew is not far away. Without a hint of exasperation, experienced team members never hesitate to answer questions and remind packers where extra packaging or double-checks are needed. No automation is involved. People power!

Sustainable Packing Materials

Mountain Rose Herbs is required to meet all sorts of regulations and laws that guide direct mail companies within the United States. Because we value beauty and thoughtfulness, we also want your package to be a delight for you to open!  We include instructional pamphlets, product information, and affix our sticker of appreciation.

Products are carefully packed with recycled paper and reclaimed bubble wrap to reduce our environmental impact. Your box is then sealed, labeled, marked with the appropriate stickers, picked up by the carrier, and sent into the shipping stream. This is all done by the person who is creating the box that will be the temporary home for your herbal treasures.

As many of you know, we challenge ourselves to complete this entire process in two business days. While there are sometimes obstacles such as items going out of stock, holidays, or other issues that arise, it remains our commitment to set the bar high. As long as you continue to purchase from us,  we'll be working to improve our process, ensuring that you're always pleased with your order.  After all, these lovingly grown herbal goods should be honored and you deserve the best!


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Daniel Durrant

Written by Daniel Durrant on September 3, 2018

Daniel Durrant is a marketing strategist who holds a Masters in Digital Environments and a bachelor’s degree in international studies. His studies revolve around human optimization and collaboration in the digital age. Daniel is an avid baker and fermenter, living a ketogenic, gluten- and dairy-free lifestyle. He enjoys learning about new herbs to augment his mind and body, along with with weightlifting at the gym, hiking up mountains, and running by the river in beautiful Springfield, OR. He loves spending time with his family, especially when food, travel, and outdoors are involved.

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