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Daniel Durrant is a marketing strategist who holds a Masters in Digital Environments and a bachelor’s degree in international studies. His studies revolve around human optimization and collaboration in the digital age. Daniel is an avid baker and fermenter, living a ketogenic, gluten- and dairy-free lifestyle. He enjoys learning about new herbs to augment his mind and body, along with with weightlifting at the gym, hiking up mountains, and running by the river in beautiful Springfield, OR. He loves spending time with his family, especially when food, travel, and outdoors are involved.

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3 Tea Recipes to Increase Mindfulness and Stress Less

Everyone deals with stress. In fact, stress is said to be the top health problem in America. To keep ourselves healthy and happy, some are turning to the practice of mindfulness. I’m one of those people that thought mindfulness might be worth a try. Since I’m also a fan of tea, I naturally wondered if tea recipes could help with relaxation.

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Posted by Daniel Durrant

Inside the People-Powered Mountain Rose Herbs Shipping Department

Once you place your order at Mountain Rose Herbs—either by phone or online—a very personalized process begins. While we strive to prepare your order as quickly and efficiently as possible, we also put thought and care into each box that leaves our building. 

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Posted by Daniel Durrant

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