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Video: Salmon Stories with Shawn Donnille



Happy New Year from Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP)! January brings many promises for healthy living and supporting positive changes. As such, it seems appropriate with the many resolutions swirling about to look at an area in need of goodwill and the people who are already inspiring change.

Let’s talk about salmon!

Salmon and steelhead populations are experiencing sharp declines due to a range of human activity, including pesticide pollution. At NCAP, working to protect water and wildlife is one of our three main program areas. In 2014 we won a victory where the EPA will reinstate no-spray buffer zones for five organophosphate and carbamate pesticides in salmon and steelhead habitat across Oregon, Washington, and California. These pesticides are highly toxic to salmon and keeping them out of water that salmon live in is important. Over the next year we will make sure the buffers are implemented and will work with growers, university researchers, state and federal agencies, and other partners to find alternatives to these pesticides. Buffers are also still required for several other pesticides that haven’t yet undergone review by the National Marine Fisheries Service. See the Salmon Mapper for more details.

We also had the opportunity in 2014 to showcase community members who are working to protect salmon. These salmon heroes are inspiring change in our communities by showing that everyone can make a difference. Our most recent video showcases Shawn Donnille of Mountain Rose Herbs! Shawn takes us to visit his 60-acre farm in rural Oregon where he's taking steps to clean up streams and waterways on his property that feed into the larger network of rivers in the Willamette Valley. Shawn gives his perspective on the salmon’s plight, why they are important to him personally, and the ways that humans can help or hurt the health of salmon habitat.


Video: Salmon Stories with Shawn Donnille of Mountain Rose Herbs


Take a moment to watch Shawn’s video here, then check out our Salmon Heroes Page to see what others are doing to protect salmon and how you can get involved!

Many thanks and best wishes to you in 2015!



Ashley Chesser






Ashley is the Communications Manager for Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP), spreading the word about NCAP via web, print, and community events. Before joining NCAP she worked as a trail crew leader in Montana and in graphic design/marketing for the outdoor gear industry. She holds a degree in graphic design from Portland State University and in her free time enjoys running, biking, rock climbing, backpacking, and organic gardening.


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Written by Friends on January 21, 2015

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