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DIY Rooibos Tea Blends

Wonderful hot or cold, rooibos tea pairs well with many other herbs and spices. Try making some of these delicious combos at home for a real afternoon treat!

Rooibos Tea in TeaCup with mesh ball tea infuser and ceramic jars of bulk herbs

What is Rooibos?

Rooibos or Aspalathus linearis is a beautiful yellow flowering shrub in the Fabaceae family. When its green, needle-like leaves are oxidized, their color changes to a gorgeous garnet hue. Both un-oxidized green rooibos and oxidized red rooibos are succulently smooth, with a mellow sweetness of honey and caramel.

Blend Your Own Tea

Rosy Rooibos

Red Rooibos and Oatstraw

Red Rooibos tea loose-leaf in mini herb shovel near cast iron tea pot and containers of bulk herbs

Citrus Twist

Gentle Night Tea

Red rooibos loose leaf tea with spoons of rose petals, chamomile, orange peel and lemon peel

Green Dream

Green Rooibos Blend

Green rooibos tea with glass tea pot with brewed rooibos tea and herbs nearby

How to Brew Rooibos Tea

  1. Combine tea and herbs, then add to your choice of tea infuser. 
  2. Pour boiling water over the blend.
  3. Cover and steep for 5-10 minutes in 12-16 oz. of hot water depending on your preference.

Because Rooibos is very low in tannins, a longer infusion will retain the velvety flavor without becoming bitter. Pro Tip: The Citrus Twist works well as a sun tea too!


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Written by Hannah on January 3, 2018

Hannah, blog contributor, is a native of the Pacific Northwest and an outdoor educator. When she isn’t teaching, she can be found exploring the outdoors with her partner, knitting, gardening, and learning about plants.

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