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Raspberry Leaf Tea Blend

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I love
raspberry leaf! It is a pleasant tasting herb with a mildly sweet flavor reminiscent of black tea but sans all that caffeine. I have fond memories of drinking this blend during my pregnancy many years ago. Since it’s gentle on the stomach, I drank quite a bit, and it really agreed with me at a time when many other foods didn't!

Now that my little one is approaching his teenage years, I can enjoy a cup of this blend with him. He appreciates a good herbal tea and has even dabbled in creating his own!

Raspberry leaf has traditionally been used as a nourishing reproductive tonic. It's a balanced herb for everyone of any age. Plus, raspberry leaf has vitamins and minerals (like iron, manganese, and niacin) in an easily absorbable form. I like to pair it with other nutritive herbs like nettle and rosehips—a great and tasty way to take your vitamins!

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Nourishing Raspberry Leaf Tea Recipe 

As the Production Manager at Mountain Rose Herbs, I get the pleasure of inventing our tea recipes and overseeing our lovely team who blends herbs to make the organic loose-leaf teas we offer. While I haven’t added this recipe to our line of teas, I’m excited to share this recipe with those of you who like to concoct your own blends at home. 

This recipe creates 4 oz. of tea blend. One of the most helpful tools for home tea blending is a small kitchen scale. Measuring herbs by weight instead of volume enables you to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the blend! If you don't have a scale on hand, you can always order our 1 oz. sizes to help you estimate. 



Blend together all ingredients. Place 1-3 teaspoons of the blend in a tea strainer, tea filter, or other tea accessory of choice. Pour freshly boiled water over the blend and let steep covered for at least 5 minutes, or longer to taste. This blend is also wonderful iced!


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Written by Julie on May 16, 2017

Julie oversees the extraordinarily difficult task of managing the production and packaging of nearly all the products we produce. From our essential oils and carrier oils, to our salts and herbal teas, many of our products are managed under her astute and dedicated eye. She also oversees our tea and spice formulation, and she is the proud creator of our beloved Herbal Coffee and Firefly Chai.

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