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Pumpkin Spice Moon Milk with Chamomile

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Moon milk is one of my favorite beverages for eliciting feelings of peacefulness and serenity. Each sip of this herb-filled heated milk fills my belly with warmth and contentment and acts as the perfect vehicle for me to work in the herbs and spices my body craves. Over the years, I’ve created many moon milk recipes, and have also found some wonderful gems from other genius content creators. One of my favorite moon milk mavens is Stephanie from MyTinyLagunaKitchen. She even has a free ebook with some of her amazing adaptogenic creations that I highly recommend!

Stephanie came to visit us and was generous enough to share one of her perfectly warm and spicey moon milk creations. This pumpkin spice version is balanced with earthy chamomile and a sprinkle of vanilla, and it is nothing short of magic in a cup.

What is moon milk?

(If you’re familiar with moon milks, skip on down to the recipe)

Moon milk stems from an Ayurvedic practice of drinking warm cow’s milk to assist in a restful night’s sleep. It was believed that drinking heated milk in small sips improves ojas, which is described as a state of balance and a harmony of body functions.

However, vegan versions of moon milk work just as well, which suggests it is the adaptogenic herbs coupled with the practice of taking time to enjoy a warm and nourishing cuppa that creates the real magic.

Mugs of hot drinks and cardamom powder spilling out of bottle.

While people traditionally drink moon milk before bed, I have found that it is an enjoyable way to take a little edge off or soothe feelings of stress anytime of the day. Remember that sip-by-sip, we are offering this gift to our hard-working bodies and minds. We must fill our own cup before we can fill that of others.

Mug of hot drink with chamomile and decorative spoon.

Soothing Moon Milk Recipe with Warming Spices by Stephanie Mary

Makes about 16 ounces (2 servings).


Hand dropping tincture into hot beverage.


  1. Heat water until it reaches a gentle simmer.
  2. Add chamomile flowers and steep for 5 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, heat milk of choice.
  4. Using a strainer, pour chamomile infusion into each cup, filling halfway.
  5. Fill remaining half of cup with warm milk.
  6. Add ashwagandha extract, herbal powders, and sea salt.
  7. Add optional sweeter, to taste.
  8. Stir until incorporated.
  9. Garnish with optional chamomile flowers.

Pro Tips:

  • You can add this moon milk to a blender or utilize a frother if you’d like a latte effect.
  • No recipe is carved in stone, so feel free to adjust ratios or flavors to suit your preferences and needs.
  • It’s possible that your herbal powders may sink to the bottom as you are enjoying your drink. I like to keep a spoon handy to keep that herbal goodness suspended and evenly sippable.


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Moon Milk Recipe with Pumpkin Spice and Chamomile- Pinterest


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Written by Jessicka on February 3, 2021

Jessicka Nebesni works as a Marketing Strategist and is always working towards sharing the most educational, empowering, and useful resources with our herbal community. Having practiced Macrobiotic food preparations in California, beekeeping in Oregon and making herbal crafts for local farmers markets in New Jersey, she has a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to share. She is currently enrolled in Rosemary Gladstar’s "The Science and Art of Herbalism" and is eagerly awaiting open enrollment for the Master Food Preservers course this coming spring. Her passions include preserving food, gardening, practicing herbal wellness, making DIY skin and body care recipes, and living a lifestyle of minimal impact on the Earth.

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