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Pickled Cranberries and Spiced Ginger Cranberry Shrub Cocktail

Ceramic bowls with whole clove and allspice for making pickled crannberries

I’ve been a little obsessed with cranberries since I learned that these bright red beauties were native to my home state of Oregon. And while our organic cranberry powder is a customer favorite in everything from herbal capsules to natural DIY make-up, I can't help but find ways to use the fresh berries I love.

The sour and astringent flavor of cranberries don’t lend themselves to popping handfuls in your mouth, but they are perfect for making savory fridge pickles with organic herbs and spices. Pickled cranberries are a standout on cheese boards, shine as a condiment for roasted veggies, and add a pop of color and tang to your favorite salads. Plus, the brine doubles as a delicious spiced shrub.

Canning Jar with pickled crannberries inside on counter with dried herbs and spices

Pickled Cranberries

Yields 1 12 oz. jar of pickled cranberries and 1 12 oz. jar of spiced cranberry shrub.



  1. Wash cranberries and pick out any stems or bad berries. Tip: good-quality fresh cranberries are light as air and bounce when dropped.
  2. Place whole allspice, whole cloves, juniper berries, and 1 teaspoon of the smoked black peppercorns in a spice bag tied up in cheesecloth.
  3. Combine vinegar and sugar in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil.
  4. Add cinnamon stick and spice bundle to the brine.
  5. Once your brine has come to a vigorous boil, add cranberries.
  6. Allow to cook for 4-8 minutes, until cranberries have begun to pop and brine has returned to a boil.
  7. Remove pot from heat and set aside the spice bag and cinnamon stick.
  8. Add reserved teaspoon of smoked black peppercorns into your jar and add the cinnamon stick.
  9. Using a slotted spoon, ladle the cranberries into pantry jars.
  10. Cover the berries with brine.
  11. Let jars sit in fridge for at least 48 hours to let flavors meld.
  12. Save the extra brine for a cranberry shrub (recipe below).

Glass with ize and crannberry drink made with herbs, spices, and ginger syrup

Ginger Cranberry Shrub Cocktail

Spiced cranberry shrub syrup is delicious mixed with sparkling water, and it is an elevated cocktail when combined with our organic ginger syrup and your favorite botanical gin. Leave out the gin for a fizzy mocktail.



  1. Mix ginger syrup, gin (if using), and shrub in a highball glass.
  2. Add ice.
  3. Top with sparking water.
  4. Stir gently to combine.
  5. Garnish with a sprinkle of cracked black pepper.

Store your shrub in the refrigerator, when tightly sealed it can last for several months. If you see any signs of fermentation such as bubbling, cloudiness, or mold, discard the shrub immediately.


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Written by Kiley on November 16, 2017

Kiley Gwynn, certified BJCP beer judge and Brand Director at Ninkasi Brewing Company, enjoys a wide variety of hobbies—but her deepest passion is homebrewing. She loves spreading the joy of homebrewing and over the last decade has become deeply involved in the Oregon homebrewing community. Kiley is an award-winning homebrewer who holds a seat on the executive committee of Cascade Brewers Society and is a member of American Homebrewers Association Diversity Subcommittee. She loves brewing herbally inspired beers at educational events like Learn to Homebrew Day. When she’s not working as a blog contributor at Mountain Rose Herbs or in her homebrewery, you’ll likely find her under a pile of yarn with a crochet project, in the kitchen working on her latest small batch canning adventure or chasing her rescued red heeler down the beach.

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