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Strictly Medicinal Seed Packets

Though it is still mostly cold and dark here in the Willamette Valley, we often close our eyes at this time of year and dream of our bountiful summer gardens. And our dreams got much bigger this year, as we have added several new varieties of seeds.

We have a few novel seed sets that we can’t wait to get into the ground. Our Lavender Seed Set contains four distinct varieties of lavender that will make your garden the showiest in the neighborhood. Our Chamomile Seed Set will provide you with perennial calm and bliss. Our favorite set is the Tasty Tea Seed Collection, which includes seven distinct varieties of plants including lemon balm, tulsi, nettles, and more. This set will allow you to grow a variety of different botanicals in your garden, giving you lots of options for herbal tea blending experimentation! For all you culinary enthusiasts out there, we now carry Tarragon and Epazote seeds, because nothing beats using freshly harvested herbs in your favorite recipes. And for you herbal remedy-makers, we have Yerba Mansa, Cleavers, and Helichrysum seeds if you prefer to grow your own.

All of these seeds come from our good friend Richo Cech at Strictly Medicinal Seeds in Southern Oregon. Richo will be speaking at our Free Herbalism Project event on May 7, and we sure do hope you can join us! Details about that event coming soon.

Visit our online shop to view our entire collection of seeds.

Strictly Medicinal Seed Packets


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Written by Our Products on February 6, 2017

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