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How To Make Nourishing Herbal Infusions

Call me frugal, but I love to save money. Nourishing herbal infusions are a great way to add a bit of extra botanical sustenance into your life without spending a lot of cash. Drinking herbal infusions has been a regular practice of mine for years now. I first learned about it from herbalist Susun Weed (who else?) on HerbMentor Radio.

Making these mineral rich beverages is incredibly simple!

How to Make Infusions:

  1. Gently warm a quart-sized glass jar by rinsing it with warm water.

  2. Heat up about a quart of water in your tea kettle.

  3. Scoop 1 oz. of dried herb into a quart-sized glass jar. I prefer the folk method. In other words, I just eyeball the measurements.

  4. Once your teapot is screeching at you, pour the hot water into the jar and stir in the herb. Tip: pouring hot water into cold jars can cause the glass to break! This is always a bummer and can be dangerous, so be sure your jar is not too cold. 

  5. Allow the infusion to steep 4 - 10 hours. Personally, I prefer to do this at night before I go to bed. Then it’s all ready to go the next morning.

  6. Strain your nourishing herbal infusion. Trick of the trade: I use a sprout screen to strain my infusions. Simply take a sprout screen that fits a wide mouth glass jar, and secure it with a standard ring. Then pour the infusion into a separate glass jar. I like to balance the jar with the marc on top of the other jar and allow it to drip all of the goodness out. Although there’s many ways to strain your infusion, I find using the sprout screen to be the simplest. I’ll even use it when brewing coffee! See video above for a quick how-to on using this simple tool to make mess-free infusions.

  7. Consume within 24 hours and enjoy beverage!

 Which Herbs to Infuse?

Bulk see-through plastic bags of herbs

Here are a few of my favorite herbs to use in nourishing herbal infusions:

I recommend buying these herbs in at least one pound sizes (or larger). One pound will yield approximately 16 servings … not bad! For more savings you can get a friend involved. If you purchase at least five pounds of any combination of herbs from us, you’ll save 10% (not to mention splitting the shipping cost).

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Written by Mason on May 25, 2017

Mason, Events and Outreach Coordinator, is a native Eugenean and works with our herbal educator partners and attends and coordinates events we sponsor. When he isn’t busy setting up our beautiful sustainable booth and connecting with herbalists, he studies Western Herbalism, collects spring water with his little one in Cascadia, and runs his own website dedicated to herbalism (HerbRally.com).