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Hard Apple Cider Cocktail Recipe

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Spring is the perfect time for a simple, satisfying craft cocktail. This cassis cider cocktail brings authentic flavors and intentionality to the bar cart, beginning with ingredients that make you feel good. Finnriver’s special release, Black Current Social Justice Cider (available in the NW Cider Club Discover Washington Box) lends a deep garnet color, with semi-sweet fruit and tannin structure. Herbal bitters, from Mountain Rose Herbs add bright flavor elements, while supporting digestive function. The result is a delightful craft cider cocktail with pre-meal digestif qualities that can lead seamlessly into your evening meal. Finnriver’s Social Justice Cider Project also shifts energy towards greater equity and justice in our society by raising awareness of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) projects designed to create positive transformations in our communities, and by sharing resources with the groups doing this vital work.


Cider—the alchemy of apples, yeast, and time—offers a taste that is both familiar and versatile. From youthful days spent in sun-soaked orchards to refined cage-and-cork finished bottles of sparkling wine, the familiar apple comes alive during fermentation. If feeling good is the goal of this libation, cider is the inspiration.


Reminiscent of Kir Royale and anchored in cassis aperitif lore, this cocktail blends black currant cider, sparkling white wine (or sparkling cider!) and whiskey, finishing with a vibrant dash of herbal bitters and lime. Perfect for welcoming the longer evenings of spring and especially well-paired with fresh fruit or crostini with soft goat cheese.  


In this cassis cider cocktail, dark fruit cider offers a sensible, earthy grounding with room for bright effervescent bubbles to loft upward. Whiskey layers in richness and bark notes, brightened and complimented by a thoughtfully selected bouquet of herbal bitters. Finally, fresh lime amplifies the tannic, tartness of black currant, intersects the viscosity of whiskey and provides a zest that makes the whole glass come alive. 


Cassis Cider Cocktail Recipe 

Makes two 5 oz. drinks



  • Ice
  • 2 oz. bourbon whiskey (port-barrel finished)
  • 1 dropper Mountain Rose Herbs' Botanical Bitters 
  • 4 oz. Finnriver Social Justice Cider or other black currant cassis cider
  • 4 oz. Prosecco (or sparkling cider)
  • 1 organic lime 


  1. Fill each glass half way with ice.
  2. Divide whiskey and bitters between glasses, gently stir.
  3. Divide hard cider and sparkling wine between glasses.
  4. Squeeze 1/4 lime into each glass.
  5. Slice remaining half of lime and garnish each glass with a lime slice.
  6. Enjoy!

Pro Tip

  • Sub sparkling cider for white wine or substitute sparkling water for a lower carb, lower alcohol version


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Jana Daisy-Ensign - Guest Writer

Written by Jana Daisy-Ensign - Guest Writer on March 3, 2021

Jana has been a champion of craft beverage for over fifteen years. She is a cider judge, Certified PommelierTM, founding member of Pomme Boots Society and published category writer. Deeply passionate about cider and community, Jana was the inaugural recipient of PICC’s NW Cider Leadership Award in 2019. She currently freelances as a cidery sales & marketing consultant and serves as Program Manager for Northwest Cider Association.

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