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Free Online Screening ~ Numen: The Nature of Plants!

What an exciting treat! The American Botanical Council has partnered with the creators of Numen: The Nature of Plants to bring you a free online screening of the film from October 20th–30th.

Numen is the first feature-length documentary to celebrate the healing power of plants. The film features stunning footage of medicinal plants and thought-provoking interviews with Dr. Tiearaona Low Dog, Rosemary Gladstar, Phyllis Light, and many others to present an inspiring vision of how we can transcend conventional healthcare and move towards safe, effective and sustainable plant-based medicine.

Through this project, the producers aim to raise awareness about medicine and the medical industry in the same way that the organic food movement did for the food industry. Numen will inspire and encourage you in your quest to think deeply about the sources of your medicine and how your healthcare choices affect you and the larger web of life. The film calls for a re-awakening of traditional knowledge about plants and their uses. The hope is for Numen to spark new conversations and debates about health and wellness and inspire real, tangible actions to build a grassroots medicine movement. To help sow the seeds of that movement, the film will be available for FREE until October 30th.

You can watch the trailer and find the free online screening of the entire documentary here!



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Written by Friends on October 23, 2013

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