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Earth Share - Mountain Rose HerbsEarth Share - Mountain Rose Herbs
Earth Share - Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs is a Business Member of EarthShare Oregon and we have setup a generous employee giving program that connects our staff with like-minded environmental organizations working to protect and defend the places we hold dear. Through this program, Mountain Rose Herbs generates thousands of dollars each year for numerous non-profits in the state of Oregon. Employees also work closely with many of these organizations through the Mountain Rose River Project. Our staff loves to give!


This year, Mountain Rose Herbs raised $4,064 in annual contributions and had 31 employees participate, 12 of which were entirely new to the program!


At the kickoff event for the employee giving campaign, Jan Wilson, Executive Director of EarthShare Oregon, thanked Mountain Rose Herbs employees for their generous support of the work that’s being done to address the environment’s most pressing challenges.  From renewable energy to locally-grown organic food supplies, from waste reduction to pedestrian-friendly urban design, protecting and restoring habitats in forests, wetlands, oceans and deserts to protecting our clean air and clean water sources – the impact of the efforts that Mountain Rose Herbs employees fund is directly responsible for enhancing our quality of life here in the Pacific Northwest. By “walking our talk,” we not only cement the community-minded culture here at Mountain Rose Herbs, we, hopefully, inspire other businesses to provide ways for their employees to invest in the community too.

Earth Share - Mountain Rose Herbs


Imagine if every “green” business in Oregon made it possible for its employees to contribute a small amount of their paychecks to the environmental legacy we’re leaving for future generations! Imagine a state where all our kids get a quality education at schools without pesticides on the playgrounds, healthy foods that don’t cause allergic reactions and don’t destroy the soil, water without industrial pollutants, air without the particulates that trigger asthma attacks, and safe routes for kids to get to school by bike and on foot. That’s the vision, and it is well within our reach. But it requires more people to get involved. The employees at your workplace may be the tipping point!

So if your business would like to set up an easy way to establish or enhance your leadership role in creating a healthy and sustainable community, we heartily recommend a fun and rewarding workplace giving campaign. EarthShare has a toolkit and advice that makes it easy, and they work seamlessly with other workplace fundraising organizations, like United Way, or with your existing holiday fundraising events. Employees will appreciate this low-cost employee benefit, as well as your public commitment to the community and the natural world in which they live, work, and raise families.


Contact EarthShare Oregon and get started today!


Contact Jan Wilson with EarthShare Oregon, jan@earthshare-oregon.org, 503.223.9015


Earth Share - Mountain Rose Herbs

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Written by Alyssa on October 29, 2014

Alyssa Bascue, Director of Sustainability, is a trusted professional in her field with a passion for employee engagement and reducing environmental impacts of business operations, including emissions, energy, waste, and water. Growing up in an income-sharing, egalitarian community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, she’s a farm girl at heart. She received her bachelor's degree in Environmental Sociology, which helps to support Mountain Rose Herbs' mission of supporting organic agriculture and embodying socially conscious business practices. Alyssa completed a nine-week Master Recycler training and is well-known in town as an Employee Transportation Coordinator. She currently volunteers with Friends of Trees, Provender Alliance, Sustainable Food Trade Association, and the Willamette Valley Sustainable Foods Alliance. And she is an active member of the International Society for Sustainability Professionals. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, reading, cooking spicy foods, hiking and camping with her husband and brindle pup.

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