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Company Green Teams and Why You Should Have One!

In late 2013, I came across an inspiring article from EarthShare about Green Teams. The idea is that a group of employees come together to have candid conservations and brainstorm creative ways to improve their sustainable business practices. I immediately saw the benefit for Mountain Rose Herbs to create our own Green Team, and in March 2014 we held our first meeting!

Employees at Mountain Rose Herbs meet for a Green Team meeting, standing together outdoors

What Does Our Green Team Do?  

Mountain Rose Herbs’ Green Team promotes environmentally and socially conscious operating practices. We do this by reducing waste, conserving energy and water, encouraging use of alternative transportation, and informing and motivating co-workers about workplace giving and volunteer opportunities.

The purpose of our Green Team is to help our management and the Director of Sustainability (that’s me!) have eyes on the ground in different departments, keep people informed, energize co-workers, and gain employee feedback and buy-in.

Team members attend meetings and presentations, help organize events and outreach, share enthusiasm and information with co-workers, and serve as a resource to those in their department and across the company. The Team provides a place for employees to exchange ideas and accomplish goals.

Shawn Donnille volunteering in a field, planting small trees and leaning over a shovel

Who's On Our Green Team? 

Our current Green Team is made of 14 employees representing 12 different departments. We meet every month, and the agenda is packed! We discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities, waste challenges, the Sustainability Report, and much more.

Specifically, members become well versed in these Mountain Rose Herbs programs:

How To Create Your Own Green Team: 

So, if you work for a company or own a business that would benefit from a Green Team, we encourage you to make it a reality by starting small. Invite your eco-minded co-workers to meet at lunch or over coffee and see if there’s interest. Or if you’re in a management position, approach your leadership colleagues and pitch the idea!

If you have questions about the Mountain Rose Herbs Green Team, contact me.

What are the results of All these "Green" efforts? 

Read Our Latest Sustainability Report!



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Written by Alyssa on July 19, 2017

Alyssa, Sustainability Director, is our leader of all things environmental and sustainable at Mountain Rose Herbs. When she isn’t busy volunteering on local nonprofit boards and organizing fundraising events in Eugene, she can be found working in the garden with her partner, hiking and camping around the great Northwest, and exploring Oregon’s local craft beer and cider scene.