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The Sunday Steep!

The Sunday Steep - Tea Recipes


While Sundays can be perfect for a big, hearty breakfast, that just isn't always what I'm craving. Sometimes, I want something light to help me ease into the morning. Some Sundays, a cup of tea and a crunchy piece of toast are just perfect. A nice cup of tea can definitely be full of nourishment.  When I’m getting over an illness, feeling run-down, or just needing a boost to get me going for a busy day, I’ll take all the herbal goodness I can get…


The Sunday Steep - Tea Recipes

Nourish Me Tea

1 tsp.organic Nettle Leaf

½ tsp. organic Oatstraw

½ tsp. organic Chamomile flowers

½ tsp. organic Red Clover

½ tsp. organic Ginger Root or Cinnamon Chips

Scoop all ingredients into a tea infuser or tea bag.  Pour boiling water over and let steep for 3-4 minutes.  This makes enough for one cup, but feel free to multiply for a full pot. Enjoy!


The Sunday Steep - Tea Recipes

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Written by Friends on May 18, 2014