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Tina Sams is the editor of "The Essential Herbal Magazine" and the author of several books on herbs, the most recent being "Herbal Medicine for Emotional Healing". Living in rural Pennsylvania, previously she co-owned an herb shop as well as an 'herb hovel' at a renaissance festival, facilitated and taught classes, learned distillation the hard way, and helped set up a soap making venture. Current adventures include writing, soapmaking, distillations, gardens, resin work, and eco-printing.

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Herbal Elixir Recipe for Stress Relief

Most herbalists will tell you that they became interested in herbs because they had some condition that they wanted to find a better way to address. For me, it was more about learning to be in charge of my emotions. It’s not that they were out of control, but I studied psychology in college, and this interest has never left me. Strong emotions can be uncomfortable and do considerable damage to various bodily systems.

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Posted by Tina

Making Homemade Herbal Lozenges with Linden

Stand beneath a blooming linden tree, and chances are you will slowly become aware of an almost unbelievable event taking place. The tree will be so alive with the hum and buzz of happy honeybees so absorbed in their harvest, they may very well bounce right off of you! An 80-year-old tree near my home presents a nearly surreal experience under her widespread, blooming boughs.

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Posted by Tina

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