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Tina Sams has been enjoying every aspect of plants for nearly her entire life and has written several books and countless articles about them. There are few things that are more exciting to her than being elbow deep in herbs, learning about wild edible plants, finding new medicinal uses, or crafting with herbs. Teaming up with her sister Maryanne (the pair have sometimes been known as the Twisted Sisters), she’s opened shops, worked festivals, spoken at conferences, taught classes, and run stands at farmers’ markets. She is publisher and editor of The Essential Herbal magazine, which she’s published for nearly two decades.

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Making Homemade Herbal Lozenges with Linden

Stand beneath a blooming linden tree, and chances are you will slowly become aware of an almost unbelievable event taking place. The tree will be so alive with the hum and buzz of happy honeybees so absorbed in their harvest, they may very well bounce right off of you! An 80-year-old tree near my home presents a nearly surreal experience under her widespread, blooming boughs.

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