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What is a Body Scrub?

Awapuhi Butter Scrub Butter Jar sitting on Red alaea salt and white roses

Here in Eugene, Oregon, summer is in full swing. One of our favorite things to do after spending long days in the sun is to pamper our skin using a body scrub.

Why Body Scrubs? 

Body scrubs are an excellent way to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. They can leave you feeling vibrant, refreshed, and oh-so-soft.

Many of these body scrubs can be quite expensive to buy at the store, especially considering they are so easy to make, and that you may already have most of the ingredients in your home. It's important to use a high-quality sea salt. Regular table salt can be abrasive on the skin, and it is not recommended in these recipes. For those with sensitive skin, sugar (organic and fair trade, of course) is a more gentle option. For the oil component, we recommend using high-quality, organic oils such as jojoba, grapeseed, or sweet almond. Blending in essential oils is always a fun part of the process, as it allows you to customize your blend and choose scents you like or oils that have additional benefits for the skin.

Awapuhi Scrub Butter from Ohana Organics sitting next to pile of red alea salt

For those that don’t have time to make their own scrub, we offer an excellent Awapuhi Scrub Butter from our friends at Ohana Organics that combines both Hawaiian red alaea salt and organic sugar. This butter can be used in the bath or shower and is also appropriate for dry application. We love the luxurious shea butter base and they way this butter gently exfoliates, deeply moisturizes, and helps to support soft, healthy skin.

How to Make Your Own:

We hope this fun video will inspire you to create your own DIY body scrubs:



Want To Make it for yourself?

Get the Recipe for Vanilla Mint Honey Scrub!



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