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Save Osha Matching Gift Campaign!


As we witness a widespread interest and demand for North America's wild medicinal plants grow, we must also recognize the increasing pressure placed on these precious plant communities. Encouraging better study and management of these incredible plants is imperative to ensure healthy future harvests and protection of our eco-systems.

One of these special plants can be found growing at high elevations among the groves of aspens, firs, and oaks of the Rocky Mountains from Montana down into New Mexico. The aromatic roots of Osha (Ligusticum porteri) are treasured by herbalists for their medicinal uses and historical significance. Unfortunately, Osha is very difficult, if at all possible, to cultivate successfully and has a limited range within a sensitive environment. Because all commercially available Osha root is wild harvested, it is crucial to understand the long term sustainability of current harvesting techniques.

We need to learn more about how to protect these populations and support healthy regeneration rates.


Save Osha Matching Gift Campaign!


Want to help us protect Osha?

We are very excited to partner with the American Herbal Products Association's Foundation for Education and Research on Botanicals, also known as AHPA-ERB, to raise funds for an important study that will help determine the range, availability, and recovery rate of Osha after harvesting from the wild.  All of us here at Mountain Rose Herbs are proud to support this study!




Save Osha Matching Gift Campaign!


Our goal will always be to place plants, people, and planet before profit!

Please help Mountain Rose and the AHPA-ERB Foundation protect this plant by donating to the Osha Sustainability Study.


Save Osha Matching Gift Campaign!

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Written by Friends on February 5, 2014

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