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How to Make Naturally Tinted Lip Gloss

DIY Tinted Lip Gloss


Many of us au naturale gals forgo sticky chemical lipstick for a nice homemade lip balm. While lip balm helps to keep your lips hydrated and smooth, sometimes a gal just wants a little pop of color. Thankfully, it is surprisingly easy to make a gorgeous red lip gloss with a few simple ingredients.

Alkanet root has traditionally been used as a dye plant for fiber arts, soaps, cosmetics, wood stains, and was even employed in the past to give cheap wine a deeper garnet color so it would appear to be higher quality (although, alkanet is not recommended for internal use as a food dye). This incredible color from the root is easily drawn out by oil, making it the perfect herbal choice for lip balms, gloss, and lipstick! 

While this recipe won't color your lips like traditional lipstick, it will provide a silky shine with a natural pink to red hue that will make your lips look and feel fantastic. I used a little geranium essential oil in this recipe to impart a lovely rose-like scent, however, if floral isn't really your thing I recommend trying peppermint, sweet orange, or lavender essential oils.     


DIY Tinted Lip Gloss



  1. In a double boiler, gently heat alkanet root and macadamia nut oil until the oil turns red. You can make the infusion as dark or as light as you like.
  2. Strain into a clean bowl or jar.
  3. Combine beeswax, cocoa butter, and 3 tablespoons of the alkanet root infused macadamia nut oil in the top of the double boiler, heat, and stir until melted together.
  4. Remove from the stove top and stir in the essential oil and vitamin E oil.
  5. Immediately pour the mixture into lip balm containers or clear glass jars. Allow to cool before capping.
Recipe yields 10 lip balm tubes or three 1/2 oz jars.



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Written by Friends on May 4, 2015