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Meet Artisan Distiller ~ Ann Harman


We are so excited that Ann will be joining us at Rootstalk to teach about the production, history, and use of botanical hydrosols.  She's even bringing her copper still for a flower water distillation demo during the festival! These unique classes are not to be missed!

We hope you enjoy our interview with Ann...


Ann Harman  is a botanist, herbalist, and artisan distiller. She studied Botany at Colorado State University in Ft Collins, CO. She has been making herbal products for decades and distilling hydrosols for over 15 years. She enjoys teaching the art of distillation and offers workshops at her farm and other venues. When not distilling, she is a guest lecturer at Bastyr University and contributes articles to several aromatherapy publications including Aromascents, Aromatherapy Today, Aromatherapy Thymes, and the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal. When funding permits, she continues to research the many aspects of the world of hydrosols. Ann is the owner of Morning Myst Botanics, a certified organic business located in Washington State. www.morningmystbotanics.com

1. What classes will you be teaching at Rootstalk this year?

I will demonstrate how a hydrosol is made using a beautiful Copper Alembic still.  These stills date back hundreds of years.  I will also have a class on the History of Aromatic Waters and their uses.

Rootstalk Classes

Hydrosol Distillation Demonstration

Join Ann for this exciting demonstration as she shows us how to distill an exquisite fresh hydrosol using her beautiful copper Alembic Still.

Hydrosols ~  History and Modern Uses

We will explore the ancient world of these aromatic waters, where they came from, and how they were used. We will demonstrate the many ways they can be employed in modern Herbalism and Aromatherapy.

2. What is one of the most powerful moments you have experienced in the wild or through your work?

Discovering that plants communicate if we will just listen.  They are our allies.

3. What is your primary environmental concern?

Keeping the term "organic" meaningful.   Growing organically is imperative if we are to heal this Earth.

4. What can people do to help combat this in their community?

Educate themselves, read labels and support their local farms.

5. Are there any projects that you are working on and would like to share?

I hope to have my book on Distillation finished soon.  That is a big project, but it is the book I wish I would have had when I started distilling.  I currently have several self-funded research projects underway that focus on Hydrosols.  I am studying their composition, microbiology and shelf-life.

6. What do you hope to experience at Rootstalk this first year?

Whenever I connect with plant people I feel renewed and full of hope. "Plant People" have a love of the Earth and each other which is a great feeling to be around!

7. What is your favorite plant and why?

All of them, as Emerson said, "A weed is a plant whose virtues are as yet undiscovered."

For more information about Ann's amazing work and to connect with her on Facebook, visit the Rootstalk website: http://www.rootstalkfest.com/page/ann-harman


Written by Friends on August 1, 2011