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Mama & Baby’s Massage Oil


Selecting the best products and ingredients for skincare can be daunting, and baby’s skin is even more delicate and sensitive than our own.  The lists of ingredients on baby care products are often a mile-long and contain hard-to-read and unrecognizable ingredient names. Many commercial baby care products even include chemicals that may have harmful side effects. No thanks!

This soothing and gentle massage oil is perfect for nurturing mama’s and baby’s sensitive skin. Apply after bathing for massages, cradle cap, or anytime that skin feels dry. You can also pour a small amount into bathwater for a luxurious pampering bath.

Fill a glass jar ¼ - ½ full with herbs, then fill to the top with Sunflower or Sweet Almond oil.  Screw a tight-fitting lid onto the jar, shake well, and place in a warm windowsill to infuse. Shake the jar daily or as often as you remember.  After 4-6 weeks, strain the herbs out using cheesecloth or muslin.  Add Vitamin E Oil to the infusion, then pour into glass jars.


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Written by Irene on October 7, 2013

Irene, Chief Marketing & Customer Officer, supervises the daily operations of all our customer-facing activities at Mountain Rose Herbs. When she isn’t ensuring your experience aligns with the goals and mission of our company, she can be found taking care of her adorable twin boys, crafting her own line of body care products, and even harvesting wild plants and gardening.

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