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Leave-In Conditioner Recipe for Dogs

Sweet long haired dog sitting patiently for her dog conditioner and a brushing

Snuggling up to our canine-companions is an act that brings so many of us joy and security. As an adult who has never had children, I’ve always treated my pets as if they were my babies. Natural pet care is important to me, and I bring that approach into everything from the food they eat to the things I put on their coat/skin.

As a gal with a 180-pound dog, I needed a way to keep my beloved St Bernard’s coat smelling and feeling nice, without having to put my wrestling gear on to bathe him all the time. That’s when I decided to make this softening and refreshing leave-in conditioner spray. It allowed for some more time in between washes and made for a more enjoyable cuddle time.

Ingredients in a basket to make leave-in conditioner for dogs, including MCT oil, vegetable glycerin, rosemary hydrosol, and vitamin E oil
DIY Rosemary Dog Conditioner Spray

Makes about 3-ounces.



  1. Add all ingredients into a spray mist bottle.
  2. Shake well before each use.

Pro Tips

• Our hydrosols come in a 3-oz. bottles and work great for this recipe. This will prevent you from having to also purchase or clean another bottle.
• The ingredients in this recipe are largely shelf-stable, but this recipe is best used within about 6 months.

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Written by Jessicka on September 28, 2020

Jessicka Nebesni works as a Marketing Strategist and is always working towards sharing the most educational, empowering, and useful resources with our herbal community. Having practiced Macrobiotic food preparations in California, beekeeping in Oregon and making herbal crafts for local farmers markets in New Jersey, she has a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to share. She is currently enrolled in Rosemary Gladstar’s "The Science and Art of Herbalism" and is eagerly awaiting open enrollment for the Master Food Preservers course this coming spring. Her passions include preserving food, gardening, practicing herbal wellness, making DIY skin and body care recipes, and living a lifestyle of minimal impact on the Earth.

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