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Host an Herbal Game Night!

Herbal knowledge card set and individual cards laying out on a table for use

Growing up, game night was one of my favorite things. Whether playing at a campground with my family by lantern light, or in my living room on a winter evening with friends while sipping hot cider, game night was something special to look forward to all year long. Much of the magic of game night was found in gathering with others and sharing the same activity. Now as a parent, I know that one of the best things about board games is how they engage our brains and cognitive process. What a great thing to combine that wonderful benefit with my love of herbs.

Wildcraft board game and playing cards and pieces

Created by Learning Herbs, Wildcraft! is a cooperative board game that creatively educates the whole family about herbs and helps ignite a natural curiosity for the botanical world. Using 25 important medicinal and edible plants, the game explores the uses of each herb with fun situational scenarios. Including some of the best elements from other board game classics like shortcuts and side trails, it delivers a colorful, unique experience. A game purchase also includes a free download to continue the story that starts the game and a host of free downloads after you register it.

If you really want to get creative, our Herbal Knowledge Cards can be used to play a fun game of herbal headbands. Just tape a card to your forehead and spend the evening trying to guess which herb you are based on others' hints. See who can guess their herb first! Or for an even simpler idea, use the cards for your own version of Concentration!

Blue bowl stuffed with caramel popcorn in front of a dark grey background

Herbal game night can be a fun experience in and of itself but why not add some flair and tasty herby fare to make it extra special? Whip up some chipotle caramel corn and dandelion hot cocoa, dress up as fairies, play games under a blanket fort or in the garden for botanical magic, or make it a tea party with Evening Repose Tea and matcha shortbread cookies. Enjoy a media-free night together learning about the magic of herbs—the memories will last a lifetime! And if you get the chance to try an herbal game night at home, let us know how it goes in the comments below!


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Written by Nicole on July 26, 2017

Nicole, blog contributor, is a Pacific Northwest native. She has a bachelor's degree in Spanish and is a published copywriter and professional photographer. Nicole is also a consultant for successful local herbalists. She is often trail running, photographing nature, making DIY body care projects, digging in her garden, or savoring time with her family and little rescue dog, Sage.

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