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Homemade Granite and Marble Countertop Cleaner with Essential Oils

Spray bottle on a cloth with flowres and essential oils .

A lot of people are discovering the benefits of using natural DIY household cleansers—not only are they crazy-easy to make and dramatically less expensive than over-the-counter cleansers, they also give us the ability to choose ingredients we know are safe for our families and pets, and to customize the scents we’d like to have lingering in our homes. However, not all DIY cleansers are equal. 

For instance, the ones that contain vinegar are fantastic at degreasing surfaces and dealing with mold/mildew, but they’re less good than old-fashioned soap and water for many cleaning tasks. Soap acts as a surfactant (it reduces the surface tension of water to make it spread out on a surface) and it chemically binds with fats and oils in a way that vinegar doesn’t. Also, vinegar is a hard NO for certain cleaning jobs because the acidity, even when diluted with water, can damage the surface or ruin the finish over time. This is particularly true of granite and marble countertops; because these stones are porous, vinegar can etch the surface. If you need an effective DIY spray cleaner that is also safe for your beautiful marble or granite counters, we’ve got you covered.

granite cleaner with essential oils spraying onto surface.

DIY Granite and Marble Cleaner
Makes 16 oz.



  1. Pour rubbing alcohol into a 16 oz. glass spray bottle.
  2. Add castile soap.
  3. Add essential oil(s).
  4. Fill remainder of bottle with filtered water.
  5. Put spray lid on bottle and shake well to combine ingredients.
  6. Shake each time before use.

Pro Tip: The essential oils in this recipe are intended primarily to cover the smell of the rubbing alcohol. Many people like to use citrus essential oils in DIY cleansers; however because citrus is acidic, we don’t recommend citrus oils for marble or granite.

How to Use DIY Granite and Marble Cleaner

  1. If you have grunge on your countertop, give it a scrub with plain soap and water first.
  2. Shake spray bottle.
  3. Spray cleaner onto your countertop.
  4. Wipe with a soft cloth.


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Written by Jessicka on June 21, 2021

Jessicka Nebesni works as a Marketing Strategist and is always working towards sharing the most educational, empowering, and useful resources with our herbal community. Having practiced Macrobiotic food preparations in California, beekeeping in Oregon and making herbal crafts for local farmers markets in New Jersey, she has a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to share. She is currently enrolled in Rosemary Gladstar’s "The Science and Art of Herbalism" and is eagerly awaiting open enrollment for the Master Food Preservers course this coming spring. Her passions include preserving food, gardening, practicing herbal wellness, making DIY skin and body care recipes, and living a lifestyle of minimal impact on the Earth.

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