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Free Herbalism Project Update!



We are so excited to announce that the new Free Herbalism Project website is up and running!

For event details, teacher profiles, a peek at the venue, maps, and other important information, you can now visit freeherbalismproject.com. You'll also see that we've announced our very special guest plant walk guide for the August 9th event with Rosemary Gladstar, as well as our exciting teacher line-up for the Fall 2013 event! Future events will be posted soon, so be sure to check back.  

Planning to attend? Simply complete the short registration form and we will be in touch about event details and upcoming workshops. There's even an option to print out a ticket with the date, time, and location if you'd like - though no ticket is required to attend.

The Free Herbalism Project is the first free herbal event series of its kind, and we hope that you'll be able to join us or help spread the word in your community! Looking forward to gathering with you on August 9th...

Free Herbalism Project Website!



Written by Friends on June 24, 2013

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