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Citrus Fresh Foam DIY Hand Soap

Natural foaming hand soap dispensed from a foaming soap hand pump dispenser is made from blending organic essential oils, avocado oil, and natural castille liquid soap.

The winter season is often a time for travel, holidays, family gatherings, and sometimes battling the germs that can accompany these festivities. During this season of cozy blankets, hot cocoa, and fireside chats, I try my best to keep my family healthy and happy, but it’s not always easy. I live and die by my Grandmother’s “golden rule”: always wash your hands with soap as often as possible. This single action is proven to help prevent the spread of germs and is an effective way to remove pesky bacteria from your hands. All it takes is 20 seconds of hand washing with soap and clean water. I especially like foaming hand soap because it’s easier to use and more fun for the kiddos. You can find a foaming bottle at most stores, or you can repurpose foaming soap bottles that you’ve purchased in the past.

Delight your guests with fresh scents

It never fails: when we invite guests over to my home, they all come out of the bathroom asking me about the delightful foaming hand soap sitting on the bathroom sink. I love seeing the interest spark in their faces when I tell them just how easy it is to DIY and how much money it saves in the long run. Making your own foaming hand soap allows you to customize it to your own needs. I often change the scents up to match the festivities, and during the harsh winter weather, I like to add avocado oil to help put extra moisture back into my dry hands.

Save the environment with every refill

One of the biggest perks to making your own bath and beauty products is knowing that you aren’t putting more plastic trash into the environment. With every refill, you are not only reducing the waste in your local landfills, but you also have the benefit of knowing that you aren’t putting any harmful chemicals back into our water systems. By making your own hand soap, you are also avoiding ingredients proven to be harmful, including triclosan, parabens, fragrances, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). 

In my new book, The Beginner’s Guide to Aromatherapy, I’ve shared some of my favorite recipes, including this fresh twist on homemade hand soap! There are lots of other ways to make this your own, but this one has proven to be a household favorite. 

Blending essential oils into an organic avocado oil carrier oil and natural castille liquid soap. Essential oils of bergamot, sweet orange, and spearmint are used to create a natural foaming hand soap.

Citrus Fresh Foaming Hand Soap

Makes about 250ml (about 1 cup)





  1. Add the Castille soap, carrier oil, and essential oils to 250ml (about 1 cup) foaming pump bottle, then add the filtered water to fill. 
  2. Seal the lid, and gently shake to combine.
  3. Store on the bathroom or kitchen sink, and use within one month before replacing with a fresh batch. 


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Ingredients are gathered to make a natural DIY foaming hand soap using organic essential oils, natural castille liquid soap, and organic avocado oil as a carrier oil.


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Christina Anthis

Written by Christina Anthis on December 24, 2019

Christina Anthis is the hippy behind the blog thehippyhomemaker.com. After years of surgeries, pain, poor health, and narcolepsy, Christina realized that her poor diet and the toxic chemicals in her life were making her family sick. Fed up, she decided to take her family’s health into her own hands and began regularly training in and using aromatherapy and herbalism. As she learned how to change her own life, she began sharing her journey on her blog, helping others to live healthier, hippier lives themselves. Christina writes about green and eco-friendly living, aromatherapy, herbalism, holistic health, and natural beauty.

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