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Easy Homemade Mustard

Brandied Mustard in Glass Jar


Do you know how simple it is to make mustard from scratch?

I have been in the dark about this for way too long. Really, it's almost embarrassing! Ever since I discovered how truly easy it is to prepare this spicy condiment, I've been creating all sorts of delicious combinations.

I like to mix both yellow and brown mustard seeds together as a base, but you can stick with just the yellow seeds if you like your mustard a little more mild than hot. Feel free to play around with different kinds of vinegar, sweeteners, salts, fruits, and herbs. If you like to cook with booze, try different wines, beer, and liquor too. Some fun flavors I like to incorporate include curry powder, cranberries, maple syrup, cayennesmoked salt, caraway seeds, garlic, white wine, stout, grilled peaches, and on and on. If you're looking for that classic yellow color, just add a little turmeric powder!

These delicious spreads can be smeared on sandwiches, mixed into potato salads, used to emulsify dressings, made into marinades and glazes, added to cheese sauce recipes, used as a dip for hot pretzels, slathered on a good old fashioned hotdog, and just about any other way you like your mustard. Here's my favorite recipe creation so far...

Brandied Mustard Ingredients
Brandied Honey Mustard Recipe



Combine mustard seeds, 1/3 cup water, brandy (if using), and vinegar in a bowl and stir well to completely submerge the seeds. Cover and allow to soak at room temperature for 3 days. I like to swirl the bowl around a little each day to see the transformation. After 3 days, pour the mixture into a blender, add honey and salt, and blend until smooth. Store in a sealed jar and refrigerate. I recommend using a plastic lid or using some kind of barrier to keep the vinegar from corroding the metal.

For variations, follow these tips:

  • Add 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of aromatic seeds during the soaking process.
  • Dried fruit should be added during the soaking process.
  • Add dried herbs, seasoning powders, or fresh fruit just before blending.
  • For less sweet mustards, cut the sweetener by half.

Homemade Mustard in Canning Jar


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Written by Friends on September 3, 2013

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