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Relaxing DIY Lavender Eye Pillow with Buckwheat

hands on sewing machine sewing fabric to make buckwheat lavender eye pillows

If you’re anything like me, your schedule is often a little too crowded. And the struggle of trying to balance our always-on culture against some quality “me” time is real. While I haven’t been great at saying no to as many things I would like to this year, I have been better about finding those quiet moments of me time. One of the things that helps me to quickly find a moment of tranquility is to eliminate the distractions of technology and enjoy a little aromatherapy. These buckwheat and lavender eye pillows check both of those boxes, plus they’re easy to transport and they’re adorable! 

I love making these DIY herbal eye pillows out of reclaimed materials. An old t-shirt, tea towel, sheets, or any soft snuggly fabric will work. One of my favorite places to gather materials for small sewing projects like these pillows is reuse centers. In Eugene we’re lucky to have MECCA, which helps divert scrap art and craft materials from the waste stream and into new creative endeavors. Thanks to MECCA this ‘crafternoon’ project was zero waste!  

hands with invisible sewing ink pen tracing eye pillow pattern on fabric

DIY Herbal Eye Pillow with Buckwheat Hulls



  1. Download and print eye pillow pattern. 
  2. Iron fabric, optional.
  3. Trace eye pillow pattern twice on fabric.
  4. Cut the two pieces from the fabric.
  5. Pin both pieces of fabric together with wrong sides facing each other.
  6. Pin ties about an inch down between the right sides of the fabric, optional.
  7. Sew a quarter inch seam around the mask leaving a 2-inch opening along the top or side.
  8. Turn right side out.
  9. Press seams, optional.
  10. Mix buckwheat hulls and lavender flowers.
  11. Use funnel to fill pillow with mixture.
  12. Sew opening closed.

Warning: Do not microwave your buckwheat hull pillows. Microwaving the hulls will cause them to become brittle and the pillow will lose the fluffiness it once had. Additionally, while buckwheat hulls are not inherently flammable they can start to smoke if over heated in a microwave.

Hands using funnel to pour lavender and buckwheat into homemade eye pillow

handmade buckwheat eye pillows laying on wooden surface

Customizing Your DIY Eye Pillow

The best part about these pillows is you can easily customize them with your favorite flowers and herbs to help you find your moment of tranquility. Some of my other favorites to use include organic chamomile, hops, lemon balm, peppermint, rose petals, rosemary, or marjoram.

Eager To Get Started?

Download Our Eye Pillow Pattern


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Written by Kiley on May 9, 2018

Kiley manages our Influencer Marketing and PR programs. Her many passions include homebrewing, small batch canning, crochet, paper arts, photography, and long walks on the beach with her husband and their rescue dog, Penny.