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DIY Ginger & Citrus Essential Oil Body Spray Recipe

Slices of fresh ginger and fresh mandarins among bottles of essential oils
As much as I love the gray, infamous wet skies of an Oregon fall and winter, I do find myself needing the occasional burst of brightness. One of my favorite ways to do this is through
aromatherapy. I long for the scents that I see as “yellow” when I smell them.  These yellow scents are so rare in the winter holiday weeks, which can be so dominated by the deep green scents of evergreen and the brown and red notes of cinnamon, chocolate, and pumpkin spice.

Citrus was my former go-to, but once I encountered fresh ginger essential oil , I knew I could make a concoction that would give me the glowing notes I craved, through the rains and into the blossoms of spring. This blend works wonderfully to evoke memories of sunshine, summer, warmth, and energized afternoons.  Used as a room spray, it can transform the atmosphere into one more invigorating and stimulating.  Used as a hair or skin spray, along with the benefit of added shine, you’ll remind those you pass of sunnier times.

Amber glass bottle with a mister top surrounded by fresh citrus and ginger.

However you choose to use this ginger citrus spray, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself surreptitiously sniffing the bottle whenever you need your brain to be awake and motivated.  I hope you’ll find your own modifications to this blend to help you capture your summer memories.

Ginger Citrus Spray




  1. Pour jojoba oil and essential oils into glass bottle with mister top.
  2. Shake lightly to blend.
  3. Fill remainder of bottle with water.
  4. Spritz this energetic, revitalizing mist on skin or hair. It works well as a room spray too!

Bottle of Jojoba oil being poured through a funnel into a glass bottle with essential oils bottles around.


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Written by Jessica on December 14, 2018

Jessica de Leon is the Quality Control Officer for our extract production. She is a passionate nature lover and supporter of incorporating plants into one’s daily routine. While most of her work lies within the realm of regulatory compliance, she has been in the herbal supplement industry since 2007, and she has also worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Her bachelor’s degree in Biology has led her on her current path, and she is now a fully evolved believer in the strength of herbs. Her excitement and passion to learn about new applications and uses of plants keeps her ever learning and growing. Jessica’s passion for helping people and protecting the environment for future generations is of utmost importance to her. Her quality assurance role is in harmony with all that she believes in, and she takes great pride in her part in providing the highest quality offerings possible.

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