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DIY Rosehip Face Moisturizer for a Radiant Complexion

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Roughly every 24 hours, we roll out of bed and ready ourselves to take on another round of life. We call this “facing the day,” and with good reason. We experience a huge portion of our lives face-first—the sun, wind, and wet of the weather; the scents, textures, and flavors of our daily meals; the touch of a loved one’s kiss on our cheek; the critical informational exchanges conveyed through our expressions—and each of these encounters leaves its mark of experience behind. That’s A LOT of responsibility for one small part of the body to handle, so it’s important to give your complexion the nutrients it needs to repair and fortify itself for the storms, sensations, and smiles ahead!

Which Oil is Best for Your Face?

There are several factors to consider when choosing or crafting a moisturizer (or serum) for the face. Since this skin tends to be more sensitive, delicate, and prone to moisture imbalances than skin elsewhere on the body, a good lotion needs to nourish your complexion without smothering or irritating it. There are a variety of high-quality oils that make great bases for homemade moisturizers, but one of the most universally loved choices is organic rosehip seed oil.

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Rosehip Oil Benefits

Rosehip oil has been long been lauded by crafters of natural body care products for its ability to provide a range of moisturizing benefits without many common drawbacks. It’s considered a “dry” oil, meaning that it is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving a heavy, oily residue behind. Rosehips also contain essential fatty acids that many skin care professionals find make it particularly beneficial for dry or mature skin. In order to preserve these precious beneficial components, rosehip seed oil (and products made with it) should be refrigerated in an airtight glass container for optimal quality and shelf life.  

How to Use Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil makes a fantastic addition to many topical body care recipes, including hair serums and cuticle creams. However, we most enjoy using this special emollient in natural skin care recipes, particularly for the face. Here’s one of our favorite homemade moisturizer recipes for the face, a formulation from natural wellness and self care maven Renee Byrd of Will Frolic for Food.

Spoon dropping honey into a double boiler in a pot

Homemade Facial Moisturizer Recipe with Rosehip Oil

Makes about 6 ounces.



  1. Combine shea butter and jojoba oil in a double boiler.
  2. Stir until shea butter melts.
  3. Remove mixture from heat.
  4. Add rosehip seed oil, vanilla bean powder, and honey.
  5. Transfer to a large bowl and stir to combine.
  6. Chill mixture in fridge for 10 minutes, or until solid.
  7. Whip chilled mixture until fluffy.
  8. Transfer to an airtight glass jar.

Pro tip: We recommend storing this lotion in the refrigerator and using within three months.


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Written by Jana on April 27, 2021

Jana DiSanti is a marketing writer, editor, and strategist who holds a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Sustainability. She has also earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and enjoys exploring techniques that help people change their everyday behaviors to make better use of our precious environmental resources. She's spent her career promoting businesses that strive to better the world, and she loves how passionately her Pacific Northwest community supports that mission! She firmly believes that rethinking our food systems is essential for worldwide human and ecological health, and she is thrilled to help support Mountain Rose Herbs in providing responsibly sourced herbal offerings to its customers. Off-work hours will find her hiking, camping, and mushroom-hunting in Oregon's wild areas, volunteering at her local farmer’s market, or cooking, gardening, and corralling chickens at home.

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