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DIY: Homemade Beard Oil Recipes

How to Make Natural Beard Oil


While there's nothing wrong with a no-fuss, widly natural beard regimen there are botanical options for maintaining a wonderfully styled, great smelling, and soft-to-the-touch beard. If you're looking to begin your adventures in herbal hair care for your facial mane, we’ve got some advice and recipes for you!

Let's craft some all natural beard oil!

Hair Conditioning:

Beard oils can condition your hair and moisturize the skin underneath. This conditioning element comes from any of your favorite cosmetic carrier oils. You'll want to choose any oil that is generally beneficial to hair and skin. A few of my favorites for hair are Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Rosemary Infused Olive Oil.

Skin Conditioning:

It’s nice to add a second oil to the mixture specifically for your skin. Easy enough, most of the oils that are great for your hair will be nice for skin too. A few of my favorite skin-conditioning oils are Kukui Nut Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Pomegranate Oil

Lighten Up the Mixture:

It's a good idea to consider cutting your oil mix with a lighter oil like Almond Oil or even a little Vegetable Glycerine so not to weigh down your beard. Glycerine can be especially beneficial if you choose to blend an absolute like Oakwood into the mix, which I use in one of my recipes. This is because vegetable glycerine helps disperse the thick absolute more easily into the blend.  

Pick a Scent:

Don't be intimidated by those pre-mixed essential oil blends with fancy names. Coming up with your own winning aromatic combination is much easier than it seems! When making your own skin and hair care products, the most exciting part can be choosing and experimenting with the essential oils. Since a beard is close to your nose, you'll want to choose scents you can enjoy all day. Essential oils are natural herbal distillates, so they will fade and change throughout the day, leaving a milder experience than commercially produced products with synthetic fragrances. Consider mellow aromas that will add to your daily experience. Woodsy, citrusy, minty, and musky came to mind when crafting oils for my bearded friends. Here are some of the oils I would recommend for your beard oil, listed by note type. Experiment and have fun! 

Top Notes: GrapefruitSweet OrangeFresh GingerPink Peppercorn

Middle Notes: Cedarwood (Virginia or Atlas), Rosemary

Base Notes: VetiverClary Sage


How to Make Natural Beard Oil


Bourbon Ginger Beard Oil Recipe


How to Make Natural Beard Oil


Cracked Pepper & Cedar Beard Oil


The best time to apply a beard oil is fresh out of the shower to a towel-dried beard. Reapplication is encouraged throughout the day. 

  • Pour a small amount of oil into the inside palm of each hand. Careful not to spill your precious oils! 
  • Rub hands together. 
  • Run open palms and fingers through your beard until evenly distributed.  
  • Do you have leftover oil on your hands? Rub this botanical goodness into your hair or use as a body oil! 
  • Touch-up and refresh your beard throughout the day as needed. 


How to Make Natural Beard Oil

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Written by Alieta on June 2, 2015

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