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Tasty Turmeric Chai Tea: Recipes & Uses

Our stunning, organic organic turmeric chai tea is a customer favorite in our line of organic chai blends. Handcrafted by our tea experts, this chai brings the flavor with its wonderfully warming synergy of aromatic roots and spices.

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Posted by Kendle

How to Make Mead with Berries & Spices

It is believed that the honor of "oldest alcoholic beverage on the planet" goes to mead. Evidence of this enchanting gold elixir has been found in Chinese pottery vessels dating back to 7000 BCE. While the discovery of mead was almost certainly a happy accident, over the ages this “nectar of the gods” has found a home in many tales, myths, legends, customs, ceremonies, and traditional remedies. Today, mead is enjoyed around the world in a variety of styles and strengths, from session meads to full-strength sack meads. 

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Posted by Kiley

Iced Matcha Tea Latte Recipe

When it comes to surviving Oregon’s notoriously dark and damp winters, mornings definitely find me protectively clinging to a steaming mug of full-bodied, locally-roasted coffee. But when warm weather rolls around, my solar-powered self craves something cooler (and less high-octane) to provide a light boost to my day. I’ve found a number of traditional and herbal iced tea recipes that often fit the bill, but when I really want to treat myself, I take the time to whip up a special treat: a chilled organic matcha tea latte.

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Posted by Jana

4 Thirst-Quenching Botanical Lemonades

When summer serves up blue skies with long hot days, I crave lemonade. And not the kind that comes from a powdered mix packed with preservatives, colorants, and artificial sweeteners, but real, fresh-squeezed lemonade. The perfect balance of bright acidity, light tartness, and a hint of sweetness that I long for simply can’t be accomplished any other way. Plus, making freshly-squeezed lemonade only takes a few minutes, and it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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Posted by Kiley

Ayurvedic Cooling Drink with Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Never heard of amla before? Let me be upfront: it’s very sour! But more importantly, it’s regarded in the Ayurvedic tradition as having cooling properties. Also known as amalaki or Indian gooseberry, it’s a great choice for balancing any heat that comes your way. Although organic dried amla powder is most commonly known as one of the three herbs that make up the popular Ayurvedic blend called triphala, it has other herbal and culinary uses too!

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Posted by Ek Ongkar

"Ech and Roots"-Inspired Herbal Decoction Recipe

Although I love herbal infusions , I often crave the earthy and grounding taste of a root decoction.   Decoctions take a bit more time and effort to brew than infusions , but they are better for extracting the herbal goodness from hard roots, barks, and berries than an herbal infusion. Decoctions are typically simmered, as opposed to herbal infusions in which hot water is poured over leafy herbs or flowers and left to steep. Read More
Posted by Miriam

Gruit: An Adventure in Herbal Homebrewing

People who have never homebrewed always ask me why I bother, citing the plethora of amazing craft beer choices available today. While there are a lot of great independent breweries making beers that I adore, nothing beats savoring a glass beer I brewed myself. Plus, homebrewing my own beer ensures I’ll always have access to my favorite styles brewed just the way I like them. Some of my favorite herbal additions include grains of paradise or smoked peppercorns in rustic saison, a big floral pop of chamomile in a Belgian witbier, or adding a kick to a rich stout with bird’s eye chilies and cacao nibs.

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Posted by Kiley

Herb-Infused Summer Cocktails and Mocktails

My partner and I find great joy in sharpening our novice mixology skills in our kitchen overlooking the Douglas fir-covered hills of Eugene, Oregon. Having daily access to thousands of herbal delights at Mountain Rose Herbs has really upped our homemade cocktail game!

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Posted by Raychel

Guide To Tea Brewing

Here in the offices of Mountain Rose Herbs, a delightful cup of tea is never too far away. While brewing loose-leaf tea is a little more involved than bagged tea, it is my favorite way to enjoy a cup. I do love the convenience and ease of bagged tea (like tossing a teabag in a tea tumbler while I’m heading out the door), but I find that loose-leaf tea offers an unsurpassed experience of full, rich flavors and nuanced tasting notes.

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Posted by Hannah

Elder Flower Simple Syrup and Cocktail Recipes

Recently, Mountain Rose Herbs visited Devon Young of the Nitty Gritty Life homesteading blog on her beautiful property in Amity, Oregon. Nestled between the rolling green hills of wine country, her charming old-fashioned farmhouse bustles with eight children, a host of farm animals, and some friendly furry pets. Devon truly homesteads (“doing things the hard way”), which means she practices subsistence agriculture as much as possible.

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Posted by Nicole

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