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Gracie is a photojournalist, botanical artist, hiker, and avid gardener. Before moving to Eugene in 2019, Gracie grew up in Ohio, living in Athens (go bobcats!), Columbus, and Cleveland. She has a B.S. in Visual Communication with a focus on Photojournalism. Her work has included everything from documentary photography to environmental education in primary schools and even sugar cookie decorating at a high-end bakery. She is passionate about sustainable living, environmental justice, and making sure our food systems are equitable for everyone. Outside of work, you can find Gracie lost in the woods with flowers in her hair and moss between her toes. She is excited to spend her summers exploring the Oregon coast, rivers, mountains, and valleys with her partner and friends.

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5 Skincare Recipes with Green Tea

I have been looking for more ways to incorporate green tea into my daily life as summer gets into full swing. Not only are teas like green sencha and matcha nourishing antioxidant sources, they are also amazing additions to any DIY skin care routine. I tend to have dry, sometimes red and irritated skin, especially in the summer after spending hours outdoors in the sun. I’m a gardening and hiking nut and a general outdoor enthusiast, so you can imagine just how much sun my cheeks are getting every day. Green tea has been a wonderful way to soothe my skin and offer it some much-needed relief.

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Apple Spice Tea- Now on Sale!


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